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Why Mike Dunaway’s Down Swing

mike dunaway impact

I have some personal matters arise which require attending-to this morning, so I thought I’d dash this quick post off before doing so, and when I return home in the afternoon, it’ll be back to work on the video, which is now nearly complete.

Touch and go and day to day!  But before I head out, here’s my thought on MD.

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Who’s Ready To “Drop The Hammer?”

hammer-drop2If things are a little quiet around here for the next day or so, it’s because I’m wrapping up the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer video project that I began last December.

It has taken a little longer than I anticipated, but we’re nearly there, and it looks to be even better than what I had envisioned when I announced the project.

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LOL – Peter Kostis’ Swing Analysis Of Patrick Rodgers

patrick-rodgers-impactIt’s actually not that funny. I didn’t think he could out-do his “analysis” on Jordan Spieth for cluelessness, but…

Just listen to Peter Kostis’ unbelievable analysis of Patrick Rodgers’ golf swing this weekend at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines.

You won’t believe it, but then again, Kostis is no longer even trying to be objective in his swing analyses on television, and I’ll prove it to you below, because this has to be actually seen to be believed.

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The Equation Is In the MCS Trilogy

drop-the-hammerI’ve said before that the basic model for the MCS “floating pivot” swing hasn’t changed and won’t change, and that has been the case since the first video of the new MCS model and the “MCS – Ultimate Leverage video back in January of 2015.

What has changed is the manner in which I present the model, with different themes, concepts and drills to aid one in learning and practicing various things such as the stance, the pivot, or the entire swing from address to finish.

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“Ee = MCS” (Efficient Energy Equals a Mechanically Correct Swing!)

dj imp momentusI made a tongue-in-cheek reference to a “Formula” for the golf swing in responding to a comment from Mike Divot, but in actuality, there is a “formula” for what we call the “golf swing.”

And that is, what I put above in the title – “Efficient energy = a Mechanically-Correct Swing.”

And if you can’t swing with mechanical-correctness, you won’t be producing effortless energy.

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Farmers Insurance Weekend! (Watch DJ 3-Putt Torrey South 18)

1st Tee Torrey Pines South CourseI can’t believe it’s already the PGA Tour’s Farmers Insurance Open week at Torrey Pines on the South Course in La Jolla, California.

It seems just yesterday I was 3-putting 18th hole to cap off a fabulous day following a young college player around as he played 18 with his swing changes.

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Notice Where All Of Golf’s Back Injuries Are Occurring….

jason-day-backIf you want any proof at all how damaging and dangerous the Modern Golf Swing is, you can probably find it yourself simply be looking at the region where most back injuries appear to be occurring in these modern players.

Tiger Woods, Nick Watney, Jason Day – you can go on and on with the list of golfers suffering from lower back pain and injuries, and yet, how does a guy (like yours truly) get up day after day with an aching lower back (from a deformity – scoliosis – and not an injury) with no problem in swinging a golf club?

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Dropping The Hammer – Both “Pull” & “Push”

d1I don’t know exactly when it was that I realized how invaluable the “Dropping The Hammer” concept would be when I was developing it, but I knew that it was going to be gold when I figured out that it solves the problem of “pushing” vs “pulling” the golf swing.

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Jack Nicklaus Was A Hacker…

nicklaus-dj-spineStill working on “Dropping The Hammer,” but I had a thought while editing video:

If you go to any of the popular golf sites or forums on the intertoobz, you’ll likely get a lot of advice about stance and posture, and things like “slouching” or “goat-humping” and the like.

You’ll also be shocked to know that Jack Nicklaus, if you took his golf swing and somehow changed it from him to someone else, was apparently a hacker.

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Final Stretch For “MCS – Dropping The Hammer”

hammer-dropIt’s been a busier month than I could have imagined when we rang in the New Year, but I’ve managed to make enough headway on the upcoming video that the end is in sight!

The major problem (if one was going to have one, this is it) has been trying to winnow down four hours of swing work that I recorded with David D. over the last few weeks of the ’16 summer season, as well as some video short clips that he had recorded on his own smart-phone – there was so much material that ended up on the cutting room floor.

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