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Moe Norman’s “Master Move” = The MCS “Drop & Pop”

I got a request from a Wax Nation reader to talk about Moe Norman’s so-called “Master Move,” which he explains, albeit in a tortured way, at the beginning of the video clip below.

He calls it his “vertical drop and horizontal tug,” and while the first part of that description is very, very correct, I would not suggest paying any attention to the second part about “horizontal tug.”

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Gravity Experiment – Over Before It Begins

hammer-drop2And that’s a good thing – but I am still going to do what I had intended to do, which was to see what kind of ball speed I could muster with the Momentus heavy driver that jh32 donated to the cause.

However, what I was planning to explore, I have already confirmed with the SwingRite swing stick, as I mentioned in yesterday’s posting.  I just forgot to include a relevant part when I digressed regarding the SwingRite.

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