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Golf Digest Pays Lip Service To the Greats

The Modern Golf Swing industry (and Golf Digest’s Alex Meyers) are whom I’m referencing here, of course – they always pay lip service to the greats of the Classic Golf Swing era while completely ignoring what made them greats to begin with.

Before I get to the Golf Digest laugher, what made them great? The way they swung, either in the game or how they taught it, and Harvey Penick is one, in his first Little Red Book on the swing.

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Golf Digest’s “Five Ways” To Help Destroy Your Back

You’ve actually seen the man responsible for this latest Golf Digest abomination before, when I wrote about Golf Digest trying to kill you – or destroy your back, whichever came first.

Now, Ron Kaspriske enlists GD Fitness Advisor Ben Shear (which is an interesting surname, because these tips will aid you in doing exactly that to the discs in your lower back) to assist in the ongoing carnage.

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Golf Digest Expert Says “Copy Justin Thomas – But DON’T Copy Him!”

justin-thomas-post-impactI just read a posting by Golf Digest’s Matthew Rudy on how to “Hit Justin Thomas’ Jump Drive For More Power,” and I’m still trying to figure out how he can tell people to do that, but then say not to try to do what Justin Thomas is actually doing… or you’ll hurt yourself.

Yes, my head hurts too, not just yours.

Kudos to Mr. Rudy as well for using that tried-and-true non sequitur that for power, he tells us, “Thomas uses the ground to produce maximum clubhead speed…”

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**Sigh** – More “Use The Ground” Modern Swing Crap

smylie-kaufman-swing-fundamentals-05Apologies for the title, but the word “crap” is a good deal milder than the word I really wanted to employ.

It’s a compromise, in the spirit of the Holiday Season.

Let’s move on.

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More Modern Swing Fail – Ariya Jutanugarn, Rory McIlroy “Swing Like Girls”

Britain Golf Womens OpenI was browsing through GolfDigest, wondering what horrors I would find within the current online edition, and I wasn’t disappointed – and I don’t think GD will ever ask me to contribute to their content, which would be more a compliment than insult at this point.

I found yet more Modern Golf Swing “Fail!” in the form of a nonsensical analysis of how to “swing like a girl,” wherein more examples are given of male swingers (3) than of female (zero, which sort of reverses destroys the assertion, don’t you think?), and of course the accompanying bafflegab that you come to expect from modern swing circles.

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Golf Digest Is Trying To Kill You (Or Wreck Your Back)

torso-twistWhile the byline of this particular crime against humanity is given to Ron Kaspriske, the person giving the tips, I would hold Golf Digest responsible as the magazine carrying this destructive advice to unsuspecting golfers.

What exactly is that?  Only a little more Modern Golf Swing insanity, is all…

Just go check out the piece called “Short On Time? Work Out At Your Desk” and make sure not to follow either Tip #1 nor Tip #3.

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Jordan Spieth On Hitting Wedges…

spieth wedgeGolfdigest and are publications who just always seem to be posting face-palm type articles, most likely because of the lag time in publishing something in a magazine after the initial thought.

You know, the type of articles that look more like a tongue-in-cheek poke than actual advice for the struggling golfer.

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All You Have To Do Is WATCH (Paige Spirinac)

chair swing drillI hate to ruin a good thing here, GolfDigest online, but LPGA hopeful Paige Spirinac’s swing is nothing like what you have her saying in her piece on how to get a better pivot.

We can revisit the posting in which I decried the torso-twisting excercise she describes, while sitting in a chair in her GolfDigest article “Home Hacks.”

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