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John Daly Hits The Champions Tour

john daly planeI don’t know about you, but I will definitely be catching “Long John” Daly’s debut on the Champions Tour next Friday.

I unfortunately didn’t get into watching TV golf until after I caught the bug in the mid-late 90’s, so I didn’t get to enjoy either of JD’s major victories, and by the time I started watching, he was already spiraling, so most of what I’ve seen of JD has been… not his best.

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Jerry “BT” Crowell Misses Champions Toshiba Pre-Qual By 2

jcrowellAs I’ve been saying, swing changes take time to implement properly if you’re not just going to perform a series of moves that make no sense to you (usual swing changes) and usually fall apart when you get under pressure.

Jerry “BT” Crowell’s journey from modern golf in search of a mechanically-correct swing has been documented here, and while he has been disappointed by how he was playing in the past year’s events, I kept telling him that it was coming.

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