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“Drop & Pop” Part II – Extension

So, as discussed in the previous posting, you have two parts to the down swing, but of course they come together as one motion, but the most important phase of the down swing comes with the “Pop” after the “Drop.”

This is the part where the Kettle-Bell drill from the “E = MCS” video comes in handy, as the impact phase is what you’re working on with that drill.

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You Want To Swing, Not Hit Positions

There is a tendency in the modern golf swing age, especially with the ease of obtaining video of swings, to try to teach, learn and perform the golf swing as a series of “positions” that must be hit.

That is, frankly speaking, nonsensical – you can always look at positions in still frames of a video, but trying to hit those positions will not work if you’re not swinging with a certain mechanical action from a certain starting (address) position.

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Justin Thomas & His Long Drives

I posted something about Justin Thomas last March, a posting which I’ve since removed because of the grumpy tone (I was annoyed by the constant references to his being “pound for pound the longest driver on Tour”), but what I said about his long distance driving was mentioned by Brandel Chamblee in the post Round 3 “Live From” on Golf Channel.

Chamblee showed a graphic that illustrated how Thomas gets it done, and that has to do with impact conditions over raw club impact speed.

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Mike Dunaway’s “Stickman” Swing Slowed Down…

dunaway-impactI have figured out a way to slow down the Mike Dunaway “stickman” swing gif. that I created years ago, and I found his positions to be illuminating.

There was a lot of discussion back in the Mike Austin days of the then-named DJ Watts Golf blog (later changed to Wax Golf when my swing theory diverged from the Mike Austin model in 2013), about their impact positions.

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