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Let’s Break It Down – The Purpose Of The Swing

I’ve been doing more work on the 3 Pillars of a proper swing, which are simply, the Swing Point, the Swing Arc and the Hands.

You can distill the swing down to those three pillars (if you don’t want to, then don’t, but my point is that you can), because of the simple purpose of the golf swing.

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GC’s Morning Drive Messes Up The “Baseball” Analogy

baseball-analogyIf you record the “Morning Drive” show on the Golf Channel, or you’re watching it now on TV – beware the segment on the “golf is like a baseball swing” analogy, because they completely screwed it up.

The baseball swing is NOT like the golf swing in one major aspect that was never touched upon, if you’re going to try what the lady instructor just did (apologies, I didn’t catch her name as I was writing my morning posting and just happened to catch it – I had TGC on to see what the players are doing at this week’s Honda Classic).

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Mike Dunaway’s “Stickman” Swing Slowed Down…

dunaway-impactI have figured out a way to slow down the Mike Dunaway “stickman” swing gif. that I created years ago, and I found his positions to be illuminating.

There was a lot of discussion back in the Mike Austin days of the then-named DJ Watts Golf blog (later changed to Wax Golf when my swing theory diverged from the Mike Austin model in 2013), about their impact positions.

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Searching For That Impact Position…

dj addr to impI have talked previously and in passing, about what comes after, or “beyond” the MCS “Perfect Pivot” concept.

And all I’m talking about it refining what the MCS theory provides in positional and mechanical¬†concepts, until you reach the impact position that simply can’t be improved upon.

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Extended Release Pt III (DTL)

7i post impJust a quick posting with the down the line swings from Saturday, in gif. form.

The thing about having the extended release is that you’re not turning – I’ve said before, there is “no turn in the swing,” only the pivot, whereas if you’re actually trying to time a ¬†“turn” through impact, you’re just going to make things much more difficult than they have to be.

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Full Extension Release – Swings From Saturday

impact & releaseI have some video from Saturday, as I mentioned in the posting that day, on the concept of having more extended release action through the ball for more leverage, more power, more speed, more consistency – everything you want in a concept.

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Problem – Full Extension Release

throw releaseHere’s something that occurred to me yesterday.

Most people, in my experience, have had a good deal of trouble with the concept of the full-extension release.

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