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What A Day – Right Out Of The Blocks (Swing Theory)

You have days when something just falls out of the sky like manna from heaven, today is one of those days.

While doing my work this morning something kept running through my mind with the breakthroughs I’ve made over the past weeks, especially with the setup changes I’ve made to get where I was on Friday afternoon.

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More Modern Swing Analysis Failure – On “Using The Ground/Vertical Lift”

**Another Submission From The “Modern Golf Analysis Fail Chronicles,” Originally posted August 22, 2019**

I made a point in a comment about Justin Thomas having very low Angle of Attack despite his “flying foot” which is supposed to add “vertical lift” or to be “using the ground,” and I said that I’d check to make sure.

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Why The Golf Channel Died

I am still going through my historical postings with a mind to re-posting the more relevant topics and here is one about the reason I believe the Golf Channel died.

It may not actually be, as I just checked and there’s a programming schedule that includes pre-event shows, live events, endless re-playing of live events and very little original content other than “School of Golf.”

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