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The “More Outside” Takeaway – DJ’s “Perfect Pivot” Swings

dj watts impact driverHere are some swings, face-on and down the line, of what my swing looks like taking the club away a little more “outside” than the “straight inside” path I’d been using since completing my personal MCS “Perfect Pivot” swing model.

As we discussed before, it seems that you can use the outside takeaway to eliminate both a too-right and too-left path at impact.

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Back In The Saddle (Swinging Again!)

djI got the swinging bug again down in East Texas a couple of weeks ago – there was a moment when Blake had mentioned just sitting and watching me swing myself, and taking notes.

So one morning, I said, “So you want me to hit some balls?”

He nodded, and that was that.

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Remember The “Throw Drill” From Years Ago? Well…

received_1063102347104229If you can grasp the concept of the “ball throw” drill that I first introduced back in 2013 with the “New MCS” video series (“The Formula,” “New MCS Full Swing”), then you will be off to the races.

Reason being – I showed Blake this concept yesterday while we worked on his down swing sequencing, and his big miss had one source that I finally caught yesterday – the left hip slide.

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It’s About The Swing Angle & Line of Scrimmage

dj top2If you are struggling with an over-the-top or “puller’s” action where, the shoulders turn prematurely to the target, leaving you with an outside-in club path at impact – you need to work on your swing angle and line of scrimmage concepts.

The Line of Scrimmage concept was introduced in the “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” video and will remain a concept going forward, because it really is the key to the swing for people who have head motion towards the target, who have a steep down swing plane, who have a left path at impact (outside-in), any one or more of the above.

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On The “Swing Angle” – Moe Norman & Mike Austin

moe-mike-dtltargettom asked a question in a previous posting and I kept editing my response, making it longer and longer… it was getting to be almost post-length.

So I’ll just make a new posting regarding the subject of his question.

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MCS’ Actual “Secret” – The Different “Swing Angle”

dj's swing angleThere are swing secrets and there is thee swing secret to MCS.

I’ve said that MCS stands simply for “Mechanically-Correct Swing,” and that is of course as simple as it gets.

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Secret of MCS – Next Up “Swing Angle”

leaning aIf you had to ask me which part of the MCS swing theory that is most different from conventional and especially modern swing models is the “Swing Angle.”

You will hear things from the pros and instructors about “throwing” the club at the target after impact, and that is simply incorrect, mechanically-speaking.

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