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My 373 Yard Drive – Smash Golf Archive


Originally published September 18, 2009

I’ve been doing some stuff getting ready for Easter weekend and seeing if the weather would be good enough to go to the range today, but does’t look good.

I thought I’d post another oldie from the Smash Golf blog when I was playing golf the summer of ’09 rather than doing range work.

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Blast From the Past – Driving a 350 Yard Hole


It seems winter is conspiring against me, knowing how eager I am to get back out there for the 2014 season and seeing how it’s still freezing out there.  At least most of the snow and ice are gone with a recent couple of days above zero, but come on… last year, we were out of doors (with some ranges, including my facility) by mid-March.

I have nothing, absolutely nothing today, as I can only wait and stew.  Thought I’d dig up a favorite posting or two from my Smash Golf blog… as I said, I’m dying to get back out and start playing golf again….

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Rory McIlroy’s Swing


Originally posted on the Smash Golf blog July 22, 2009, updated Jan 11, 2010

Rory McIlroy has a great-looking swing motion. Very little lateral motion and a nice, pure rotation around the spine during the back swing.

He has a “modern swing,” which involves swing with both feet planted firmly on the ground from Address to the Top.

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My 270 Yard 4 Iron

mcs 5 ironOriginally published on the Smash Golf blog Sept 2, 2009

I was playing a round of golf yesterday working out more of the swing adjustment I made last week, and I was using irons off the tees on a few of the par 4’s instead of my driver.

I do this when I want to work on my irons because when I hit Driver on par 4’s, I am always left with a wedge to the green, and playing golf with Driver-wedge not only gets boring, you don’t get to use the irons in the bag.

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The Myth of “Clearing the Hips”


Originally posted on the Smash Golf Blog July 22, 2009

There is a misconception about the whole “Clearing the Hips” thing in golf. Apparently, you only have to think about it to do it. Wrong.

You can’t clear the hips on the down swing if you’re not properly set up to do it. At least, you can’t do it without hurting yourself.

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