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“… for those who don’t know, watching DJ swing in person is jaw dropping.”  SteveP

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DJ Watts @ Wax Golf Summit – Estrella G.C., Goodyear, AZ

My name is DJ Watts, and I’m a Swing Analyst and Consultant.  This website is the Home of the MCS Golf Swing.

The term MCS stands for, simply, “Mechanically-Correct Swing.”

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MCS is modeled after the Classic Golf Swing era in which golf swings, while still containing idiosyncrasies and minor flaws, were primarily mechanically sound and whose signature is the “floating heel” back swing pivot which is the mechanically-correct way to pivot.

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I have been researching the golf swing since 2005 and in that time, I have developed the MCS Golf Swing methodology in order to swing a golf club in the same manner I had performed other sporting motions – athletically and without risking injury due to faulty technique.

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When one looks at the ever-younger professional golfers with serious neck, back and lower body injury problems, one wonders how a simple motion (swinging a club to impact a ball and move it in a desired direction) can cause such problems.

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The Modern Golf Swing, with its concepts of restricted hip back swings facilitated by the planting of the leading heal and rubber-band torquing of the torso against the hips, is inherently flawed by this very design.

Tiger Woods’ career will end early and unnecessarily, due to the damage the modern golf swing has inflicted on him.

The Swing Researcher – DJ Watts

Additionally, I myself suffer from a physical deformity (scoliosis), a twisted spine which you would think makes it impossible for me to swing a golf club in the standard manner, and yet I have been able to build a golf swing model for myself using the MCS Swing Theory in order to achieve readings up to 195 mph in ball speed and 130 mph in club impact speed.

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I stand 6’1″ and weigh approximately 230 lbs or 100 kilos, so I am certainly no long-drive monster!

So, there is no reason on earth anyone should be incurring injuries with a proper, mechanically-correct swing.

If you wish to swing a golf club with accuracy, power and without risking injury, then you want to build a mechanically-correct swing.

The more mechanically-correct your motion, the better your swing will be, and the more enjoyable your play and competition.

Thanks for visiting, and I invite you to stay and explore the site’s posts and videos.

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