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Proper Position = Shorter Back Swing & More Leverage Power

A little post for the swing geeks who can’t get enough of the little things to do with swinging and mechanics.

If I have noticed one thing with the work I’ve been doing on my MCS Golf Swing model with relation to the Address Stance (which also is related to Grip & Ball Position), it’s that the proper setup can eliminate a long back swing (shaft past parallel at the top) yet give one more leverage and power.

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MCS – I Can’t Over-State The Importance Of The Primary Lever

If there is anything you take out of the MCS Golf Swing theory (and hopefully, it won’t be just one thing), I can’t over-state the importance of the Primary Lever in building your leveraged golf swing.

Everything else in the MCS theory, from the stance, grip and ball position (also known as the Fundamentals Trifecta in these here parts) is designed to allow you to maximize your use of the Primary Lever.

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You Want To Swing, Not Hit Positions

There is a tendency in the modern golf swing age, especially with the ease of obtaining video of swings, to try to teach, learn and perform the golf swing as a series of “positions” that must be hit.

That is, frankly speaking, nonsensical – you can always look at positions in still frames of a video, but trying to hit those positions will not work if you’re not swinging with a certain mechanical action from a certain starting (address) position.

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The Astonishing Simplicity Of The Optimal Model

The main problem people have with most issues is one of over-complicating or over-thinking them.

The golf swing is no different.  The reason, in fact, that I have removed all of the MCS video material from Wax Golf is not because it is incorrect, in fact, you won’t find any better golf swing models out there, I believe than the MCS model of previous video project.

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Ryan Steenberg’s A-1 Long Drive Swing

rsIf you watched last week’s World Long Drive Championship, you would have seen very good form from the two Finalists.

Everyone has been looking at Joe Miller’s swing, but I wanted to show Finalist runner-up Ryan Steenberg’s swing, because there’s a lot you can learn from it (if you watch any of the MCS Trilogy swing videos, you’ll learn the same things).

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