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Swing With The Legs & Hips, NOT The Back (Video Clip)

hips-legsYou’ll likely remember the frustration with which I posted this piece last week when I read something Tiger Woods had said before his return to playing tournament golf.

Even now, I realized, he still didn’t get it (although he is swinging with more hip action, but it’s still not what you’d call “free”), and he and most PGA Tour players are still trying to swing using their core and back, which is the death move of modern golf swing theory.

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MCS “Perfect Pivot” Swings (Video DTL)

iron dtlI posted a little clip the other day showing how the MCS “Perfect Pivot” stance and mechanics are essentially the same for all clubs from wedge to driver, and the video showed swings facing the camera.

Here are some DTL swings with the same clubs, wedge, 7i, 5i and driver, and you’ll see the same thing from that angle – the stance and mechanics are essentially the same.

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Jerry Crowell’s Smooth Iron Swings (Video)

bt ironGet ready to see more of Jerry “BT” Crowell’s swing in the coming months.

He’s been grooving the action from the basic model we established over a year ago, and he had some good results on the course this past season.

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