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Two Different Release Actions

received_1038889276192203We all know why golfers “spin out” on their leading foot on the down swing or follow-through.

Simply, the hips must keep turning and if the foot doesn’t turn, something will have to give, either the leading knee or hip or ankle.

So, the easiest way, I’ve said for years, to esnure a full and vigorous hip turn is to release the right toe rather than try to anchor it.

Ben Hogan did it, as well as Byron Nelson, Greg Norman and others.  I call it the “short-stop slide” as it mimics the action on a side-arm throw.

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Jack “Lil Rory” – Floating Heel & The “Slide” In One Week

jack releaseWhen I first showed you Jerry “BT” Crowell’s young student Jack whom I’ve been calling “Lil Rory” due to his impact/follow-through action, he was swinging with a planted heel back swing.

He was also looking like Rory because of the hip-stall, which can be exacerbated by anchoring the trailing heel post-impact.

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MCS – The Norman/Crowell Variation

???????????Originally posted October 20, 21014 as I was building the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” model for Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, who is attending the Masters this week.

Re-posted for Masters Week, for what would Masters history be without the tragic Greg Norman story there? /update


Here is some more insight on the work I’ve been doing with PGA of America instructor and tournament player Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell over the past couple of months.

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