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Former Athlete Getting “That Feeling” Only Now

Those of you who took part in sports in your youth might get what I’m going to say here, because today was the first day I had “that feeling” after watching a Kyle Berkshire swing analysis video on YouTube.

The video itself has nothing to do with “that feeling,” but it was what I did after watching the video that led me there.

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Long Drive Swing – Things Just Got Interesting

Well, that didn’t take long at all.

I spent the last two days following my last post working on modelling the traditional long drive swing action with which we’re all familiar and… things are going well.

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Speed Work Soreness! Taking Another Look @ The Long Drive Swing

It’s either the mid-winter doldrums or I’ve reached the end of the line looking at the mechanics of the for-now named Post-Modern swing model.

Also, I really went at it speed work-wise yesterday and just about every back and rib muscle is protesting, so I’m taking another look at the mechanics of what I call the traditional long-drive swing motion.

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Bryson DeChambeau Is In Trouble – UPDATED

Update At Bottom

Let me preface this latest BDC offering by saying that anyone with a modicum of understanding of how the body works (which should include anyone who has played sports at a reasonable level, we’re talking high school varsity here) could have seen what was coming.

Even a layman in sports experience (those who participate mainly from a seated observational position) could see what was going to happen.

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