Bryson DeChambeau Is In Trouble – UPDATED

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Let me preface this latest BDC offering by saying that anyone with a modicum of understanding of how the body works (which should include anyone who has played sports at a reasonable level, we’re talking high school varsity here) could have seen what was coming.

Even a layman in sports experience (those who participate mainly from a seated observational position) could see what was going to happen.

As far as what I posted as recently as last week, I said, with the following accompanying pic – and take note of the blue arrow:

Someone needs to pull the Mad Scientist aside and tell him he’s going to completely wreck himself if he keeps on his current track.

Someone, anyone – do him that favor and stop him going the way of Tiger Woods.

I also said the day before that, while talking about his left arm & wrist and the risk he was taking with that hold-off move:

In the end, there is no substitute for mechanically-sound technique, and trying to countermand what the body is designed to do and how it is supposed to do it will always end in tears.

So, it comes as no surprise (other than with the speed this has unraveled) that Bryson withdrew from the Saudi International yesterday with injuries to his left hip & wrist.

From the above-linked AP article via TSN online:

Bryson DeChambeau withdrew from the Saudi International before the second round Friday because of left hand and left hip injuries.

DeChambeau opened Thursday with a 3-over 73, making a triple-bogey 7 at the seventh hole.

Now, I’ll hedge the “surprise at the speed of this unraveling” statement because last week was the first time I’ve looked at BDC’s swing closely in a while.  So, it may only be a surprise for me because I only looked at it last week, to my alarm.

Either way, with the speeds at which Bryson swings, he’s going to need an overhaul in technique, or it’s quickly going to be game-over for him.

It would be a shame for him to have come this far in revolutionizing his game only to crash and burn from easily discernible mechanical issues (and just as easily fixable)!!


According to Bryson, through Golfweek online’s Adam Schupak, he didn’t injure himself swinging, rather:

Everyone needs to chill. Yes, I hurt myself but not from hitting it far. I slipped and fell this week on Tuesday unfortunately. I know people probably won’t believe me but that is the truth. I will be back stronger and better than ever in a few weeks. Thank you for the hospitality @saudiintlgolf. Thank you for your concern and keep hitting bombs! I will be back

Absolutely Believable

Just like Tiger Woods wrecked his knee skateboarding as a kid and not from snapping the hell out of it for 20 years…

That is, before he admitted that his swing flaws were the cause.

Carry on.

9 thoughts on “Bryson DeChambeau Is In Trouble – UPDATED

  1. peterallenby2013

    I contend that Bryson’s success combined with his intellectual curiosity and bigger than normal IQ has led to a bit of a “You all just don’t know how this works!” attitude. One can only hope his intellectual curiosity will lead to a sober analysis of HOW these injuries occur and perhaps a reevaluation of his maverick swing motion. He is more than a bit of a narcissist and that doesn’t bode well for unbiased evaluation…

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      This is like deja-vu to me, PA.

      I spent years railing about TW’s swing form from ’09 on, and I doubt I’ll be doing it as long for BDC. He just goes after it so hard that, barring a technical improvement, he’ll have to go back to mortal driving distances and club speed.

      It’s either that or more of what we’ve seen the last month. WD’s and missed cuts.

      1. peterallenby2013

        yep. Above all else, Bryson needs to grow up. He’s young and from all I can see, has never truly had much challenge in life – The maturation process differs for each of us. But without a mature perspective and critical examination of his own biases, actions, and beliefs (the process of finding humbleness), he will find life to be quite challenging, never mind golf…To wit: I noticed recently that BDC is blaming his recent injury on a fall, not his golf swing motion.

        That kind of deflection is symptomatic of immaturity, not an encyclopedic knowledge of medicine, which of course, he does not have… But the focus for me is on the tuning and tweaking of YOUR SWING METHODOLOGY. I cannot wait to put to work your refinements in the stance and set up and other elements that flow from there…Just need to wake up to warmer temps and no snow!!!

        1. DJ Watts Post author

          I don’t understand the denial except I’d likely not want to have to admit myself while in the Kingdom of Saud that I showed up unfit to play in a tourney in which I was paid handsomely to appear. That said, he was already injured when he showed up so it’s a TW-level show of mendacity, in my humble opinion.

  2. targettom

    Just about everything about this guy is b.s. so who is surprised? He has an average IQ, he’s no brainiac, didn’t even graduate. He’s self-centred and insufferable as a person, typical entitled spoiled brat. He has no class as a golfer, e.g. refusing to look Cantlay in the eye when they shook hands after Cantlay thumped him. His body size jumped in a few months, any bodybuilder can tell you he has been on steroids (and juice tests can be faked or bought). He whines when he loses and cannot accept responsibility for his mistakes. He believes he knows more about everything than anyone else. Let him live in his dreamworld as he self-destructs.

  3. targettom

    Let me add this: I hit my irons as far as this guy when I want to and I am not using extra long shafts, special clubs or special pro golf balls. I can hit my 40* nine iron 190, my 35* eight iron 205, PW 170. And I’m not on steroids, I’m using 6 year old irons. And I do it pain free. Plus I’m decades older than this big baby. Plenty of people like me around too. DeShampoo is a joke to me. I’d much rather watch the Hojgard twins, Garrick Higgo, Wilco Nienaber, Will Zalatoris, etc.

  4. Mr. McJohn

    Off topic: I’m curious, and I have been for awhile, why Mike Dunaway appeared so different from Mike Austin, despite being taught by him. It’s clear they share certain components, but their styles are obviously different. Any thoughts?

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      You’re not wrong MMJ. I remarked many moons ago that their swings were not identical looking.

      What is at play there is that Dunaway was already a pretty well-known long driver when he sought out Austin for helping improving his swing. So, he had ideas on the swing that differed from Austin’s and they were known to have pretty heated “discussions” regarding technique.

      In that regard, although Dunaway appeared to go along with Austin’s philosophy 100% in their videos together, he for sure had his own ideas and was not going to be dissuaded from them. Hence the difference in their swings, even while Dunaway played along with all of the theory Austin epoused.

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