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Sergio Garcia, Masters Champ @ 37!

I don’t know if you remember, but I posted on Sergio Garcia’s swing model a couple of months back, when he won the Dubai Desert Classic in February.

Therein, I compared Sergio at 37 to Tiger Woods at 38 (the age TW was when he broke his back working with Sean Foley), surprise, surprise!! Sergio just won his maiden major tournament, at the old age of 37…

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Season’s Open Is Here! Pre-Masters Roundup

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have Dustin Johnson as the ’17 Masters favorite… 3 consecutive Tour wins, #1 in the OWGR with a bullet, and as cool and calm as you could ask.

He plays a fade and has length to spare – so if I had money on the outcome, it would be on him.

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So… The Swing Matters

jordan-spiethCongratulations to Danny Willett on his 1st major victory in taking the 2016 Masters!

If a man ever entered a major tournament under the radar, it was the then-11th world ranked Willett, who now goes to #9.

And the world #2 (again) player, sadly, doesn’t know quite how to swing a golf club, although he has two major trophies on his resume already, while the nearly-demoted to #2 player in the world (but still #1 – Jason Day)  has a swing that is tearing up his lower back, and the #3 player, with 4 majors on his mantel (Rory McIlroy), can’t decide which way to best miss the most of the putts he strokes.

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Thee Pathetic Masters Of 2016 – Not A Major

spieth follow thruUpdate: Lest some think that my complaints are about Augusta National G.C. or the tournament itself – NO.

My problem is with how the modern equipment has brought us to where Jordan Spieth can be on the verge of winning his second straight Masters title, with no golf swing of which to speak. Carry on! /update

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Bryson DeChambeau’s Golf Swing

bryson dechambeau addressI caught Bryson DeChambeau’s 2nd round yesterday at the Masters as he played with Jordan Spieth and Paul Casey, and… those clubs…

13 degree upright, all the same length as a standard 6 iron, and it isn’t the clubs that make DeChambeau a good player.

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Gary Player Nails It On The Classic Golf Swing

player setupI read a very interesting comment by Gary Player yesterday from the GeoffShackelford blog, and I think it illustrates perfectly the dilemma faced by Modern Golf Swing advocates – they have to admit that players are breaking down swinging this way.

I didn’t hear the original comments by either Brandel Chamblee or Frank Nobilo, but I can assume that Player was responding to the implication that players are over the hill after 30, whomever did so.

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Moving Day @ The Masters – Wax Nation On Site! (Updated)

crowell & wascoUpdate: I just got off the phone with the Big Toilet who called from Augusta National.  We talked for about 20 minutes and he’s had a slight change of plans for his Sunday location:

He was going to stake out the 18th hole but the Members & guests got 1st crack and all the prime seating was gone by the time the public was allowed on the grounds.

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Big Toilet On the Grounds @Augusta National

bt snack shackWell, it’s Masters Thursday, and I have a perfect day planned – I’ll be watching Live @ The Masters (rather, I’ll have it on in the background) while I do my morning work and the rain falls outside.

Rain is better than snow, and we’re finally going to leave the winter behind – the temperatures will be getting around to the average on the weekend, so it seems the season will finally get under way.

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