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Golf Digest Pays Lip Service To the Greats

The Modern Golf Swing industry (and Golf Digest’s Alex Meyers) are whom I’m referencing here, of course – they always pay lip service to the greats of the Classic Golf Swing era while completely ignoring what made them greats to begin with.

Before I get to the Golf Digest laugher, what made them great? The way they swung, either in the game or how they taught it, and Harvey Penick is one, in his first Little Red Book on the swing.

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(Updated) Tiger Woods & Fred Couples “What Ifs?”

Update: If you don’t think it’s obvious Tiger Woods’ career is done, here’s an update from a new GolfDigest online posting on Tiger’s real condition, without the SSM, or “Steinberg Spin Machine.”

In the piece by Sam Weinman, we now get the news that TW was nowhere near game shape at any time, because you can see it plainly in this description of his two attempts to practice for the Masters.

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Steingberg Gives A Lesson On BS – A Tigerless Masters

I don’t know why it ‘s such a big deal – “it” being the question of whether or not Tiger Woods is going to play in this year’s Masters tournament, that is.

It’s obvious that, even if he could, he would be a non-factor of non-factors given the way he played after a year and a half off to fix his ailing back.

Now, we’re treated to more balderdash from his agent, and let me just show you where Steinberg all but admits that there’s no question – Tiger won’t be playing this year.

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(Updated: Out of API W/No Return Date) We Can Call Tiger’s Career Now…

Make no mistake – it was a great run, featuring the probably best 10 year span ever, and in totality the 2nd greatest career of all time with 14 majors won, but it’s a wrap.

No surprise to anyone paying attention, but if the usual boosters are not saying anything positive right now, and if they’re in fact saying things that seem a little ominous, I imagine we can roll up Tiger Woods’ playing career now for posterity.

In the latest installment of “will he or won’t he?” I’ll go and predict we aren’t going to see Tiger in this year’s Masters toonamint, and if he doesn’t play in the Masters more than two months following his “not-so-serious back spasm” incident in Dubai, I’m expecting a retirement announcement this year.

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Hey Tiger… Don’t Go Out Like This

tiger woodsSo, everyone must know by now that Tiger Woods’ “back spasms” from two weeks ago were a little more serious than he let on at the time.

Now, we hear that he’s been advised to “stay horizontal” following treatment in California, which is an odd thing to require two weeks after a bout of back spasms.

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So, My MD Consult Agrees On The Back Issues & Modern Golf

tiger woodsI imagine you’ve all heard the news by now, that Tiger Woods is once again out of commission for yet another indeterminate time period, because of back issues.

I got an email from targettom yesterday on it, but I didn’t have time to post about the topic, as I was doing something constructive.

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Why You Don’t Swing From A Left Bias (Tiger Woods)

tw-addrSince Tiger Woods’ swing “gurus” have been an utter disaster for him, let’s hope he’s got someone who might read Wax Golf blog and perhaps pass this on.

Left Bias swinging…

Otherwise known as, “The Back-Breaker,” this way of swinging will do exactly that if you’re swinging hard enough.

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Looks Like Tiger Woods Wants To Break His Back Again…

tw-addrThanks to Ben S for linking this video – all I could say when I watched it was, “Wow…”

If you’re wondering why Tiger Woods looked so uncomfortable and was reported to be moving very stiffly and painfully last week in Dubai, you only have to look at his address position on the range.

Looks like he’s back to stacking & tilting, and this story will end as badly as did the one with his erstwhile swing “guru” Sean Foley.

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Tiger’s Back… Goes Out Again (Bye-Bye Dubai…)

tiger_woods_injures_back_at_the_barclays_2013_-_pga_tourI’ll be working on getting the “MCS Dropping The Hammer” video formatted and uploaded to the site by sometime today (could be late be today’s the day!), so this can serve as an Open Thread until I have returned to regular posting.

How long ’til he announces retirement from competitive golf?

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