Imagine That Tiger Woods Had Been Taught This (Sam Snead)

I’ve called Sam Snead’s golf swing the greatest self-taught swing ever on the PGA Tour, and it’s no surprise that he was the leading total events winner until Tiger Woods caught him.

Now, imagine that instead of the horrific Modern Golf Swing model(s) that wrecked his body, starting with his left knee, Tiger Woods had been taught this action:

Another great find on David Poulton’s Twitter Feed

There is so little wrong with this, let’s just give it an A+ because, frankly, Sam Snead was an unmatched ball-striker in his day and would have won many more events and majors than he did if he’d been a better putter.

Poetry In Motion

The OCD in me won’t allow me to not point out the slight hitch in Snead’s down swing, which would have been caused by the anchored trailing foot and perhaps a tad un-optimal ball placement.

Other than that, I can’t find anything with which to quibble. It’s magnificent.

How about this top position:

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, and there is no reason for the restricted-hip planted-heel Modern Golf Swing to exist, because the Classic Golf Swing is the way to swing a golf club.

And yes, the Post-Modern Golf Swing model is also a Classic model, because it meets the requirement of a free hip and leg pivot action, although it differs from the pivot action of the standard Classic action.

As for T.W., is there any doubt he’d be over 100 Tour wins and closing in on 30 majors if he hadn’t been derailed by all of the years spent rehabbing knee and back surgeries?

Not for me.

And he’d have avoided all of that nonsense with a proper, Classic Golf Swing action.

Probably would have been even longer and straighter than his best days on Tour as well.

2 thoughts on “Imagine That Tiger Woods Had Been Taught This (Sam Snead)

  1. Mark

    circa 2000 I predicted Tiger would win 30 majors. Basically, I thought he’d up the mark by roughly the same percentage that Jack had upped it in his day. But TW’s injuries and personal life wrecked him.

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