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Let’s Break It Down – The Purpose Of The Swing

I’ve been doing more work on the 3 Pillars of a proper swing, which are simply, the Swing Point, the Swing Arc and the Hands.

You can distill the swing down to those three pillars (if you don’t want to, then don’t, but my point is that you can), because of the simple purpose of the golf swing.

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The Swing Point, The Arc & The Hands

I have been a bit quiet on the blog this week as I prepare to begin the ’17 outdoor season, but I have to say, you can distill the essence of the golf swing motion into three concepts – the Swing Point, the Arc and the Hands.

Everything you have to do, regarding the stance, grip, mechanical action – it all comes down to the Swing Point and the Arc.

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The Floating Pivot – Think “Balancing A Tire…”

post-impactThere are two “floating” terms I use, and the “floating heel,” we know well by now, but what about the “floating pivot??”

When it comes to the “floating pivot” concept that I inserted into the MCS Swing Theory back in the summer of 2014, it may be easier to think of it in this way – what happens when one of your vehicle tires is out of balance?

You get that irritating and rather disconcerting vibration in the entire car when you reach a certain speed, don’t you?

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