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Johnny Miller “Called It” With Tiger Woods’ Back in 2003

miller_bioThanks to Chief Cowpie for forwarding this story.

You’ve probably read the Golf Digest article on how Johnny Miller apparently carries a crystal ball around with him, and how he “called” Tiger Woods’ back issues as far back as 2003.

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Tom Watson’s Words of Wisdom

tom watson topI’ve said before that golf will never be taken seriously as a “sport” (although it was for a brief period during the height of the Tiger Woods era) because it doesn’t follow the same athletic principles.

All other sports advance technique from one age to the next, and they don’t regress.

Golf, on the other hand, has regressed so much in swing mechanics that a 60-year old Tom Watson nearly won the Open Championship in 2009.

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Swing Flaws Are The Result & Not The Cause

jsIt’s a difficult concept to grasp if you’re not accustomed to swinging in a mechanically-correct fashion, and it’s why most people who go to an instructor (especially one who subscribes to the “modern golf” school) don’t ever get much better from a certain point.

And that concept is that most “swing flaws” that you will see, hear about or address personally are a result, and not a cause.

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