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MCS & The Real Moe Norman Swing (You Can Do It)

dj extended impactLet’s put aside the silly, spread-eagled Moe Norman swing model that everyone is used to seeing.

Instead, let’s take a look at Moe when he was creating the “Pipeline Moe” legend, which would have been when he was winning 2 Canadian Amateur titles in a row and playing at the Masters (back then, U.S. and Canadian Am champs were invited), and making his short-lived appearance on the PGA Tour.

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Johnny Miller “Called It” With Tiger Woods’ Back in 2003

miller_bioThanks to Chief Cowpie for forwarding this story.

You’ve probably read the Golf Digest article on how Johnny Miller apparently carries a crystal ball around with him, and how he “called” Tiger Woods’ back issues as far back as 2003.

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On The “Swing Angle” – Moe Norman & Mike Austin

moe-mike-dtltargettom asked a question in a previous posting and I kept editing my response, making it longer and longer… it was getting to be almost post-length.

So I’ll just make a new posting regarding the subject of his question.

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Modern Swing Lessons For Sam Snead

sam snead addressRemember these words:

“Sam Snead has a very smooth, rhythmic swing, but he makes some mistakes during the backswing…”

I got the following article link from Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, PGA, and I imagine he was chuckling as hard as I rolled my eyes when I read it.

He always does this to me: I don’t read golf publications, for the most part, because this kind of stuff is what I see.

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Peter Kostis Responds To My Question

kostisSo I got some answers from Peter Kostis regarding my question to him on Sam Snead’s swing compared to the modern players.

First of all, I respect a guy who responds to challenges, even if the challenge comes in the form of implied criticism, which mine certainly could be construed to be.

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A Question For Peter Kostis (And All of Modern Golf)

sam snead jonas blixtFirst we had Brandel Chamblee spilling the truth about the Modern Golf Swing in a rare moment on Golf Channel.

Now, in this swing analysis by Peter Kostis, you’ll hear him talking about the free hip action in Sam Snead’s classic golf swing as excellent.

You’ll also hear him say at the end that swings don’t get any better than Snead’s.

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Jack “Lil Rory” – Floating Heel & The “Slide” In One Week

jack releaseWhen I first showed you Jerry “BT” Crowell’s young student Jack whom I’ve been calling “Lil Rory” due to his impact/follow-through action, he was swinging with a planted heel back swing.

He was also looking like Rory because of the hip-stall, which can be exacerbated by anchoring the trailing heel post-impact.

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Swinging With No Resistance

snead addr2If you want a truly efficient and powerful golf swing, the key is to swing with no resistance, or as one other golf swing theorist called it, “no impedance.”

You know how long drivers (and some tournament players) come down with resistance-related injuries, like hernias, popped rib heads and the like?

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BT Hits His Personal Best 120-170 MPH

bt recordOK, so when Jerry “BT” Crowell and I began to talk about working together, he stated a personal desire to achieve 115 mph club cruising impact speed and a top speed of at least 120 mph.

At the time, he was around 110 cruising speed and top of less than 115.

“No problem,” I said.

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Old Classic Swing – Jimmy Thomson

JimmyThomson-coverHow many Wax Golf readers were around in the days of the DJ Watts Golf blog?

Remember ol’ Jimmy Thomson, who could drive the ball further with balata and persimmon than modern swingers can today with their equipment and balls?

Here’s a nice, classic power swing to contemplate, knowing that the guys from this era didn’t hurt their knees, hips and backs left and right, swinging heavier and stiffer equipment than today’s players.

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