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I Feel As Though My “Real” Research Has Only Begun…

And that research would be, “What exactly could I do with a golf club, if I knew how to stand and swing properly?”

I’ve been getting by on hand-eye coordination for so long when it comes to the swing, because even when I stood and swung according to the standard MCS model, I was having to compensate in mid-motion due to the birth defect I’ve been fighting since the day I picked up a golf club back in 1995.

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On Positive AoA With A Forward-Leaning Shaft (It’s Still Hitting “Up”)

rory-impact2First, I have been getting a lot of questions regarding Frank Nobilo since his shout-out last Saturday.

The truth is, I have never publicly talked about our conversations because I enjoy our back and forths, and I wasn’t going to advertise that we talk in an attempt to gain anything from it other than the pleasure of our discussions.

That said, the cat is out of the bag, and FN said quite logically that there’s nothing wrong with simply saying that we like to talk swing together, so let’s move on

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Ouch – Rory McIlroy Destroys Brandel Chamblee On AoA

rory mcilroyBefore we get to Brandel and Rory, let’s talk about AoA.

AoA stands for Angle of Attack, and I don’t know what Brandel Chamblee thought he was going to accomplish arguing with Rory McIlroy on how to swing modern drivers, because Rory is one of the best drivers of the modern era, especially at his size.

Let’s just say that it doesn’t end well for Brandel...

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Rickie Fowler “Crushes” Persimmon – And Fools No One

rf-persimmonNothing against Rickie Fowler, this is about equipment and marketing hype.

You’ll remember the Mark Twain line about there being, “Lies, damned lies, and statistics,” I’ll wager – and I’m not accusing anyone of lying here, just of the same old “hype” over numbers that mean absolutely nothing they are meant to mean, but tell you all you need to know.

This time is’s Extra Spin piece about Rickie Fowler “crushing” a persimmon driver, but if you look at the Trackman numbers and read some of the Twitter responses to the piece, you’ll see that no one who knows even a little about golf, equipment and technology was fooled for a second (or at least, not many).

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Tony Lema Demonstrates Why Jason Day Hurt His Back

jason dayI was watching the highlights yesterday, having missed the live coverage wherein Jason Day re-injured his back on a particularly vigorous cut on the 16th tee.

Earlier in the round against Graham McDowell, he had driven the 370 yard 5th hole with a big bomb, as well.

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