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Long Drive Swing – Things Just Got Interesting

Well, that didn’t take long at all.

I spent the last two days following my last post working on modelling the traditional long drive swing action with which we’re all familiar and… things are going well.

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Speed Work Soreness! Taking Another Look @ The Long Drive Swing

It’s either the mid-winter doldrums or I’ve reached the end of the line looking at the mechanics of the for-now named Post-Modern swing model.

Also, I really went at it speed work-wise yesterday and just about every back and rib muscle is protesting, so I’m taking another look at the mechanics of what I call the traditional long-drive swing motion.

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Modelling Update – Indications Bear The Post-Model Out

The earlier posting about lofts wasn’t my intended topic of today – chalk it off as a rant triggered by years of watching this silly “he’s hitting an 8 on this approach!!” business when the 8 iron has a loft ten degrees lower than my 8 iron and between my 5 & 6 iron lofts.

No, the topic I was going to broach was that nothing I do with the floating pivot MCS Classic Golf Swing model can match the power of the model I’ve been working on since last summer.

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Modern Lofts vs Back In The 90’s Are Ridiculous

I came across a Tweet this morning showing Bryson DeChambeau’s stock distances with his club lofts.

This has nothing to do with him specifically however as I’m just remarking on the club specs.

To put it mildly, I’ve always been aware of the clubmaker scam where they kept lowering the lofts to make the same number iron hit the ball greater distances, but I was absolutely blown away by how far they’ve gone.

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I Kept Seeing Something In My Mind (Modelling)

Here’s a little posting for my old crew, hearkening back to the days I would post my swing research findings in real time.

And a revelation on this scale hasn’t happened to me in some time.

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If You Need Proof That The MCS Setup Is GOLD… Sam Snead

You’ll all know, those of you from the early days of (after I mothballed the DJ Watts Golf blog) that I didn’t really BUILD the MCS Classic Golf Swing model.

All I did was aggregate the best elements of the greatest Classic era swingers and remove their personal idiosyncratic parts, leaving the distilled model we’ve been working with for the last few years.

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Unfinished Business – The “MCS Synchronicity” Classic Golf Swing Model

Those of you who remember the autumn of 2019 will be reminded that I left some unfinished business on the table when I put the blog essentially on hiatus at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I had actually shut down production of what was to be my last Classic Golf Swing video back in December of ’19 due to other commitments that made finishing the project in timely manner unfeasible, and that has always been in the back of my mind.

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I’m Excited About This Year Like No Other In Nearly A Decade

I clearly remember the last time I was this excited about the start of a new golf season, and it was around this time in the winter of ’12-’13.

I had just declared that I was leaving the school of Mikes Austin & Dunaway because the swing model was just too complicated to master, that it wouldn’t work for most people & that I was working on a new golf swing model.

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Bryson DeChambeau Is In Trouble – UPDATED

Update At Bottom

Let me preface this latest BDC offering by saying that anyone with a modicum of understanding of how the body works (which should include anyone who has played sports at a reasonable level, we’re talking high school varsity here) could have seen what was coming.

Even a layman in sports experience (those who participate mainly from a seated observational position) could see what was going to happen.

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Blast From The Past – The Bunker Shot

I was just going through some of my social media (a lot of old stuff to delete, going to take some time), and I found a thumbnail of a bunker shot (this one here) that I captured once while preparing to shoot a bunker shots clip.

I had just thrown down some balls and set up the camera, but I wanted before I shot the clip to hit a ball or two, as I hadn’t hit any bunker shots in a dog’s age.

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