If You Need Proof That The MCS Setup Is GOLD… Sam Snead

You’ll all know, those of you from the early days of WAXGolf.com (after I mothballed the DJ Watts Golf blog) that I didn’t really BUILD the MCS Classic Golf Swing model.

All I did was aggregate the best elements of the greatest Classic era swingers and remove their personal idiosyncratic parts, leaving the distilled model we’ve been working with for the last few years.

In that regard, the MCS Post-Modern Golf Swing model will be the second swing model I’ve actually built myself from the ground up (the first being the New MCS model of ’13), but if you need any proof at all that the setup for either the MCS Classic or Post-Modern models is pure golf, just take a look at the best self-taught golf swing ever seen on the PGA Tour.

I give you Sam Snead via the always excellent Classic Golf Swing pictures and video of Mr. David Poulton:

Bear in mind that the persimmon driver had to be struck much like a long iron to produce enough spin to keep the ball aloft, so this is your basic long iron/fairway metal setup as the modern drivers are to be set up with the shaft leaning slightly back instead of forward.

Still, I believe I actually drooled upon myself when I saw this picture, because there’s so much yummy goodness to be seen in it.

Of course, it’s not just the face-on setup that made Snead such a great swinger and long driver – when you look at his down the line setup, it’s just as good:

Snead had the angled stance line that was an early component of the MCS Classic Golf Swing model so even that deviation from the current model isn’t a deal-breaker, is it?

To think this swing came from a country boy whacking stones around with clubs he carved from tree branches.




2 thoughts on “If You Need Proof That The MCS Setup Is GOLD… Sam Snead

  1. JJ

    That swing was butter. And it allowed him 4 decades of pain-free, effective golf. He shot a round of 60 when he was 70. He was a freakish athlete, super flexible. My father-in-law met him once. Snead jumped up and kicked the upper door jam (and won a few bucks).

    Comments: Gary Player once said that, “I don’t think there’s any question in my mind that Sam Snead had the greatest golf swing of any human being that ever lived.” Jack Nicklaus said that Snead’s swing was “so perfect.”

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      He was indeed a great athlete JJ – the irony is that he drove the ball so far not so much because of that athleticism (although it certainly played a part) but because his swing was so fundamentally sound.

      Remember my post about playing golf as a sport or a game?

      Well, Snead showed how spectacularly one can drive a golf ball when one is an athlete swinging athletically.

      No matter one’s athletic ability, one will always get better results with a mechanically-sound (athletic) golf swing.

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