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Another “Expert” Says Jack Nicklaus Didn’t Know How To Swing

I had another blog post planned for today on Moe Norman’s “master move,” but this couldn’t wait.

If you want to know why I am perpetually sounding grumpy on my blog, it’s because of things like the clip I’m posting below the fold.  Thanks to Wax Nation member A.M. for forwarding it.

It features yet another expert who knows more than medical doctors and the greatest swingers ever to play the game.

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GC’s Morning Drive Messes Up The “Baseball” Analogy

baseball-analogyIf you record the “Morning Drive” show on the Golf Channel, or you’re watching it now on TV – beware the segment on the “golf is like a baseball swing” analogy, because they completely screwed it up.

The baseball swing is NOT like the golf swing in one major aspect that was never touched upon, if you’re going to try what the lady instructor just did (apologies, I didn’t catch her name as I was writing my morning posting and just happened to catch it – I had TGC on to see what the players are doing at this week’s Honda Classic).

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What Frank Nobilo Meant Re: Justin Thomas & Jamie Sadlowski (Updated W/Video)

justin-thomas-post-impact**UpdateVideo has been added to the body of the posting below /update

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that so many in Wax Nation watch televised golf – but thanks to Frank Nobilo for pointing out something I see all the time, and for his shout-out on The Golf Channel last night during the 3rd Round coverage of the Sony Open in Honolulu.

Thanks as well to Peter A. with the heads-up, and to those of you who emailed me – I was watching the telecast but I had stepped away from the TV near the end of the broadcast, and I missed it!

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Golf Channel Swing Analysis – Worse Than “Fail”

tiger-bunkerIf you have watched televised golf and wondered why, even though you follow all of the swing analysis it offers, you can’t learn a proper golf swing, then you can stop wondering, especially if you think it’s something with you.

Trust me – it isn’t.

There is simply no analysis going on with these televised shows, in fact they’d serve everyone better if they didn’t offer an analysis, because it’s just awful.

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Golf Channel’s Martin Hall Nearly Nails The MCS Stance

Martin HallBig T sent me this clip showing Martin Hall of The Golf Channel almost nailing the MCS “Leaning A” address stance.

Not only that, he used a similar concept to do it that you’ve watched in the “Secrets of MCS” video short “5 Minutes of MCS” and the full-length “MCS – Perfect Pivot video.

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Gary Player Nails It On The Classic Golf Swing

player setupI read a very interesting comment by Gary Player yesterday from the GeoffShackelford blog, and I think it illustrates perfectly the dilemma faced by Modern Golf Swing advocates – they have to admit that players are breaking down swinging this way.

I didn’t hear the original comments by either Brandel Chamblee or Frank Nobilo, but I can assume that Player was responding to the implication that players are over the hill after 30, whomever did so.

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