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Jack Nicklaus’ Head Cock & Dunaway’s Head Shift

While working out the model I’ve been building of late, I fell across something that may have solved my issue of “head shift on the back swing or into the down swing, head shift at all or none” that has been on my mind.

First, does anyone remember how Jack Nicklaus used to get over the ball and, just before he began his backswing, he’d tilt his head to a certain spot and then swing?

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Golf.Com Article On Tiger Woods Is A Modern Swing Mish Mash

You all know of my contempt for the concepts of Modern Golf, whether it’s calling a flying leading foot something like “creating vertical lift” or the other silly term “using the ground” as if some players are floating in the air during their swings.

Well, congratulations to for a completely undecipherable article that asks how Tiger Woods creates his ball speed and answers, I’m not kidding, “Very Carefully.”

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Young Tiger Woods & Setup Issues

Just as the 3 most important things in real estate or property are Location, Location & Location, you will always hear my belief that the 3 most important parts of the golf swing are Setup, Setup and Setup.

Here is a driver swing from a young Tiger Woods, if you’ll allow me to point out things that would have concerned me at the time.

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Tiger Woods Is Still So Good…

He literally shot -1 on one leg on Thursday and don’t let the +2 round yesterday fool you – after not playing in a Tour event in a year and a half, another back surgery and a shattered right leg, the man has scored better than all but 18 players thus far.

Granted it’s Augusta National where he could play blind-folded in the dark, but come on.

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Imagine That Tiger Woods Had Been Taught This (Sam Snead)

I’ve called Sam Snead’s golf swing the greatest self-taught swing ever on the PGA Tour, and it’s no surprise that he was the leading total events winner until Tiger Woods caught him.

Now, imagine that instead of the horrific Modern Golf Swing model(s) that wrecked his body, starting with his left knee, Tiger Woods had been taught this action:

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This Is Big – Golf Digest Publishes The “X-Factor” Study

*Originally Posted February 6, 2019*

As I have time, I’ll be going through my archives to re-post articles that I still find relevant.  This is one of them, edited slightly.


Well, I had just said yesterday not to hold one’s breath on any major golf publications or channels discussing the results of the so-called “X-Factor” study we read about in the BBC

And look here, friends – Golf Digest through GolfWorld courtesy of Joe Beall has just published a piece online doing exactly that:

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