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Full Circle In 4 Years – Back To “Swinging A Stick”

swing a stickSome of you have been around for more than the past couple of years, so I bet you’ll remember the video I made over 3 years back (released November ’13), when I said I had figured out the concept of the Mike Austin swing model, and it was as simple as “swinging a stick.”

Well, not to my surprise, because I fully know how to swing a stick, that concept was correct, and the only problem I had with it was the same problem I had with the MA model.

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There’s No “Perfect Swing” – The “Pivot” However…

bt & djI have four different pivots to show you, and they are all from the MCS golf swing model.

You’re going to see the pivots of yours truly, the swing model developer, and two very good low-handicap players, DKondo & MWehrman, and of the resident pro, Jerry Crowell, PGA.

We would use the swings for slightly varying purposes – Jerry of course is a tournament player and wants to maximize his scoring potential, and can’t afford any big misses or weird shots that come out of nowhere.

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It’s All In The Pivot (5 Iron DTL Video)

dj top 5iIf you’re looking to develop power and consistency in your golf swing, especially with the irons, you want to “hit the ball with your legs.”

Trying to swing with just the upper body leaves half of your body un-involved, which doesn’t make much sense.

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DJ’s “Perfect Pivot” Action (Driver Videos)

dj imp drvUpdated With New Video

I went back to the Dome after two weeks to think over the mechanical action of the MCS “Perfect Pivot” move styled after Ben Hogan’s pivot, and the results were much, much better.

That’s because my positioning was much better within the MCS model, and I was very pleased with the changes – I’m not quite over the moon yet with the Driver swing, but swinging twice in four weeks, it’s a passable enough action to show.

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BT Closing In On MCS “Perfect Pivot!” (Updated)

extUpdate with a fresh gif at bottom

Fresh off his near-miss qualifying for the PGA Tour’s Farmers Insurance Open, I’ve got Jerry “BT” Crowell closing in on the mechanics for the MCS “Perfect Pivot” action.

I’ve said before and I’ll say again, there are a million ways to swing mechanically-correctly.

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The MCS “Perfect Pivot” Move

perfect pivotI’m working with Jerry “BT” Crowell, PGA, on his swing model which we’ve nearly got to the “cruising” stage where he simply keeps swinging the same way without anything to adjust or work on for better performance.

With him, it’s getting that pivot as tight and leveraged as possible.

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Krista Twet’s MCS Swing Is Getting There!

krista - top & impWell, once again, I am seeing what great work Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, PGA is doing with the MCS swing theory when it comes to higher level swingers and players.

You were introduced to one of his students, (NCAA Division I) U of Cali Riverside team member Krista Twet, who is transforming into a really solid technical swinger under the Big T.

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MCS Theory Proven – DJ’s Adjustments

dj addressSo, I have said that you can make adjustments within the MCS matrix, if for some reason you have a physical situation or impairment which prevents you from swinging along the standard model.

I have just proven it – I figured out my own adjustments to the MCS address stance (creating more angle in the stance line and varying the flare degrees of both feet), and my pivot looks exactly the way it should, now… finally!

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Ben Hogan’s Perfect Pivot – The “Down Move”

Hogan At TopEveryone has been fascinated by Ben Hogan’s back swing pivot and transition or “down move” for fifty years now, but there’s no mystery or mystique to the action – it’s simple mechanics.

If you can build your stance and then make a mechanical action the way Hogan built his, then you can pivot like Ben Hogan.

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Ben Hogan Had The Perfect Pivot Action

bt topThat’s why you’ll see the same pivot action in a proper MCS golf back swing.

I’ve of course modified the stance and mechanics from what Ben Hogan was doing, because his pivot was perfect, but his actual swing model was unique to himself and certainly not one that will suit the average person or player.

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