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Mickelson: Wrap The Modern Swing In a Back Brace

phil-mickelsonThanks to Pat G. for sending me the link.

Wow, I’m loving this from Phil Mickelson!

I just mentioned in this morning’s earlier posting that Phil Mickelson, the second in career majors among active players (if you count Tiger Woods as “active,” which is a stretch, but whatever), is a classic golf swing adherent.

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Forbes – “Anatomy” Most Important Golf Book Of Our Generation?

forbesYou can check out Forbes Magazine online and read an article by contributor Larry Omsted, who asks that pertinent question:

Is Brandel Chamblee’s “The Anatomy of Greatness” the most important golf book in our generation?

The answer, simply, is “Yes.”

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It’s About Change – And Brandel Chamblee Is The Agent

chamblee book3If you have been wondering why I’ve been pushing so hard on Brandel Chamblee’s book “The Anatomy of Greatness,” then you obviously haven’t read it yet – because once you do, you’ll understand why.

This has never been about my trying to carve out a niche in the game of golf, or to earn a living teaching the golf swing – it has been my focus on changing the golf swing back to the proper fundamentals of the Classic Golf Swing era.

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Post-Release Analysis – Brandel Chamblee’s “Anatomy”

chamblee book coverOK, now that people have had their first glance at Brandel Chamblee’s excellent work “The Anatomy of Greatness,” we can continue to examine it.

I didn’t do so before, because no one would have known what I was talking about, since I got to read it weeks in advance of the release (thanks, Brian Lewis from Classics of Golf!).

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Blast From The Past! (New MCS Swing Model ’13)

dj imp new mcsI was sent a Youtube link by one of my Wax Golf readers (thanks Benoit, what a nostalgic feeling I had, watching this!), from my own account, mind you – and here is the proof of what Brandel Chamblee’s book “The Anatomy of Greatness” asserts…

This swing model of mine, developed in 2013 and my first independent swing model (all previous models had been developed studying another person’s swing theory), is the same in principle as my current and last swing model.

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Chamblee’s “Anatomy” At #2 On Amazon Golf Books List

chamblee book coverBrandel Chamblee’s “The Anatomy of Greatness” is currently #2 on the Golf Books Bestseller listings.

Taking the #1 spot is Harvey Penick’s “Little Red Book,” but I imagine that’s because it was being hyped all weekend on NBC’s broadcasts – so I expect “Anatomy” to reach #1 before long – and stay there for awhile…

And look – it’s one spot ahead of Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons”!

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MCS “Perfect Pivot” Video – April Release!

dj wThe pre-order option for the MCS “Perfect Pivot” video will be available until March 31, and I will be returning to Arizona at week’s end to finish off the shooting for an April release, hopefully the week after the Masters finish.

The slight delay (I was shooting for a Masters week release) came when I returned home from Arizona a few weeks back and reviewed what I had done, and of course I was dissatisfied, having been pre-occupied with the hosting of the Wax Golf Southwest Summit at the Golf Club of Estrella.

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Wall Street Journal Boards The Classic Express

journal nicklausThanks to my Twitter mate Ben S. for catching this.

If you ever think that because you subscribe to MCS swing theory, you don’t have to look at or listen to what others say about the golf swing, here’s how I look at it.

It’s a funny thing, reinforcement – how many times you hear something correct, versus hearing something incorrect, will certainly smooth the cognitive dissonance that may occur, say in golf, where a completely bogus swing theory (that of the modern swing) competes with a legitimate one (swinging along the classic golf swing principles).

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Billy Horschel’s Modern Swing Move (Could Be Longer)

horschel topI had a fun Twitter exchange yesterday with 3-Time PGA Tour winner Billy Horschel, a PGA Tour player who didn’t care for my declaration that if one disagreed with Brandel Chamblee’s upcoming book on the Classic Golf Swing, then one shouldn’t be teaching or analyzing golf swings.

Mr. Horschel is a Modern Golf Swing man, with a planted heel back swing and a torso-twist to get the shoulders turned against the restricted hips, and this is exactly what I advocate against doing for health and longevity reasons.

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There Is No Perfect Swing (Only The Blueprint)

bt - modelThis much should be evident to anyone who has experience in the athletic world. There is no actual human who possesses “perfect” technique in anything – you can only identify a perfect theoretical motion and then attempt to get as close to that action as possible.

Hence, I deal with swing models and I recognize and accept that people will never have a “perfect swing.” I endeavor instead to make people understand the concepts of human motion and how positioning in the golf swing affects everything else that follows.

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