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On Positive AoA With A Forward-Leaning Shaft (It’s Still Hitting “Up”)

rory-impact2First, I have been getting a lot of questions regarding Frank Nobilo since his shout-out last Saturday.

The truth is, I have never publicly talked about our conversations because I enjoy our back and forths, and I wasn’t going to advertise that we talk in an attempt to gain anything from it other than the pleasure of our discussions.

That said, the cat is out of the bag, and FN said quite logically that there’s nothing wrong with simply saying that we like to talk swing together, so let’s move on

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Dear Rory McIlroy – “Feel” Sometimes Isn’t “Real” (Updated)

rory-impactUpdate: I have re-written this post after a discussion with FN as he made a very valid point – there are two fulcrums in the swing, and I will deal with that issue in a separate posting.

This is on how Rory McIlroy posted a picture that doesn’t show what he thinks it’s showing, and that’s the hands leading the ball at impact.

Thanks to targettom for forwarding me the Twitter images below.

I have a picture that Rory McIlroy with his assertion that he’s hitting the ball with an upward AoA and a forward leaning shaft with his driver, and the picture doesn’t prove that.

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Mike Dunaway’s “Stickman” Swing Slowed Down…

dunaway-impactI have figured out a way to slow down the Mike Dunaway “stickman” swing gif. that I created years ago, and I found his positions to be illuminating.

There was a lot of discussion back in the Mike Austin days of the then-named DJ Watts Golf blog (later changed to Wax Golf when my swing theory diverged from the Mike Austin model in 2013), about their impact positions.

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Driving For Distance – Remember Impact

impsI have blogged on this topic before, but I cannot stress enough the importance of having optimal impact conditions when trying to drive the ball longer.

Improving impact will get you more distance, and faster, than trying to increase club impact speed.

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“I’m Going Back To The Tee…”

blake rancho california 5 teeI’ve been taking a little break from things after returning from California on Saturday evening.  After a week of intensive swing consultation, it’s nice to unpack and just relax a little.

One thing that came back to mind was how amazed I was that Blake Elliott could generate the distances he got with his driver.  I’ve always felt that my driver distances were a little short of what they should be, based on my irons and wedges – and Blake showed me I was correct.

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It’s Not All About Club Impact Speed (Angle of Attack)

launch angleI’ve always said that my club impact speed is actually lower than many if not most swingers who can drive the ball 350 yards or more on a good pop.

Now, I was able to do that years ago, and I can do it now, but now, I can do it with so much less effort, because I’ve improved my launch numbers with the MCS swing model.

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This Posting Should Be Titled “Trackman Proves MCS”

attack angleI was sent this article on how to increase driving distances, and I was rather amused reading through it, because you’ll remember what Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell has to say about the MCS swing theory – that he will only use Trackman and MCS swing theory when swinging or teaching the swing.

So, the article which I’m linking was amusing in that as I read off the points contained in the part I’m quoting, I was hearing Big Toilet’s voice in my head saying, “MCS & Trackman…”

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