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Next Week Should Be Numbers Week!

I am planning to get a session in on a state of the art launch monitor next week to get some numbers for everyone on the MCS Golf Swing as I perform it.

The shame of having most of my readership spread around the globe is that I’ve been able to work or spend time with just a handful of WAX Golfers who can verify what the MCS swing methodology does for you when you get it down at even a basic level.

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Why The MCS Golf Swing IS “The Simplest Golf Swing Ever”

I’ve compiled some iron swings taken a couple of months back when I was producing the “E = MCS” video, because of course, the video is about how to swing, not a showcase for my own swing.

There are of course some of my swings in the video for demo purposes, but the place to really look at the MCS Golf Swing rather than learn how to swing this way, is here on the blog, where people can watch swing clips until their eyes fall out, if they wish.

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