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Checking In On Bryson DeChambeau (It Isn’t The Putting)

You’ve probably seen a lot more of Bryson DeChambeau in ads and features than you have on the leaderboard since he turned pro, and the prevailing sentiment has been that his problems have to do with putting.

I disagree, and just want to throw some names and numbers up to illustrate why I do – his putting is terrible, yes, but likely stems from his other problems.

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Farmers Insurance Weekend! (Watch DJ 3-Putt Torrey South 18)

1st Tee Torrey Pines South CourseI can’t believe it’s already the PGA Tour’s Farmers Insurance Open week at Torrey Pines on the South Course in La Jolla, California.

It seems just yesterday I was 3-putting 18th hole to cap off a fabulous day following a young college player around as he played 18 with his swing changes.

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“How to Stripe Your Irons like Bryson DeChambeau”?!?!

bryson dechambeau addressThis is not to slam poor Bryson Dechambeau, who is, I’m sure, as chagrined by his lack-luster play since turning pro as I am confused by the use of his anything to show people proper form.

I mean, you’re looking at a man who missed as many cuts as he made (5 out of 10 events) in his first season as a pro, and who had exactly one Top-10 finish in that time period (and who, if you need more, has played and missed the cut once in the new ’17 season, which would mean he’s now missed more cuts than he’s made since turning pro).

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Bryson DeChambeau M.I.A.

bryson dechambeau addressThat deafening sound is the media silence that has descended on the coverage of the “Game-Changer” and “Future of Golf” wunderkind otherwise known as Bryson DeChambeau.

Again, as with Jordan Spieth, my intention is not bash or attack Bryson, for whom I feel a good deal of compassion – after all of that hype and attention approaching the ’16 Masters and the end of his amateur career, he has completely lost whatever mojo he had to garner that focus.

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Players Championship – Saturday Thoughts

jason day topI will be at work on the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video all weekend, but I did notice something of interest while the Players Championship coverage watched me working yesterday.

First of all was the gob-smacking sight of Ernie Els swinging with a floating heel on the back swing while warming up yesterday morning.

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Dear Bryson DeChambeau – About That Swing…

bryson dechambeau addressYou don’t know me, but I have heard a lot of good things about you.

About how you’re an iconoclast, you march to your own music, and you have the potential to have a profound impact on the game of golf and its future.

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Bryson DeChambeau’s Golf Swing

bryson dechambeau addressI caught Bryson DeChambeau’s 2nd round yesterday at the Masters as he played with Jordan Spieth and Paul Casey, and… those clubs…

13 degree upright, all the same length as a standard 6 iron, and it isn’t the clubs that make DeChambeau a good player.

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