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300 Yard Drives In Sandals – Squaring Up

I believe I’m close to finishing my work on the Shift-And-Post swing that I call the Dunaway model of my MCS Golf Swing series.

How close?  Well, if you can smooth 300 yard drives at 53 years of age while wearing sandals, I’d say it’s getting there.

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Rotary Pivot vs Shift & Post? – Holy Cow…

My mind has shifted into a different mode now that I’ve solved my setup issues with regards to stance and foot line, and something dropped out of the sky this morning while I went over the down swing transition.

What I was working on last evening was the syncing together of the leading and trailing arms, because even in a right-dominant or left-dominant swing action, you’re still using both arms, just with a different feel of which one is dominant.

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I’ve Got My New Swing Model (And It Looks Like Dunaway’s)

I got the adjustments down correctly, tightened the arms so that they weren’t extended at address, and I have my new swing model!

Also, yes – it looks like a Mike Dunaway swing model.

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So Many Thoughts About The MCS Model & Trusting Instincts

Warning: This is a miscellaneous mish-mash of thoughts and memories about this journey of mine, and how things I disregard as preposterous always seem to come back full circle.

So, if you’re interested in my personal journey, it’s a personal blog posting.

My first thought is, I still don’t know how I was ever able to make contact with a golf ball with any of the setups I’ve ever had, including my most recent one.

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Why Build My Own Model? In One Word – Leverage

I’ve been going over the mechanics of my new model after having (hopefully) found my optimal setup for the address position.

I’ll be testing it all soon after the weekend and will answer the one question people may have about why I decided to take this route after so many years of swing research.

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Ironic – My “Athletic Model Project” Is The “Dunaway Project”

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but the specter of Mike Dunaway will not leave me alone – time and time again I’ve said “Aha, I’ve got him!” only to be proven wrong.

That could be about to change.

Mike Dunaway, you’ll recall, was a college American football player (I say American because I have European readers who call a different sport “football”), and I daresay he was a better athlete than I was.

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The Kinetic Chain Made Me Change My Setup

Almost from the time I picked up a golf club, I could send the ball a good ways, even when I had no idea what I was doing.

Distance comes from speed and power.

Having played baseball among several sports as a youth, and having swung axes and sledgehammers from a young age living in the country and working on my father’s construction sites, I learned to utilize the Kinetic Chain quite effectively.

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Rory McIlroy Bombs It – His Setup Proves My Theory

You can believe this or not – I have written dozens of posts about him over the years since he turned pro in 2007, which was when I began my first blog SwingTheoryGolf on WordPress.

So I’ve seen him swing with changing models over the years, changes made necessary because of injuries, and he even at at time used a Classic-style lifting leading heel (I’d have to check my archive but I believe it would have been around the time he was winning majors).

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Game-Changer Stance? (And It’s Always Post-Session)

I distracted myself talking about Dunaway’s swing model and spent most of today’s session trying to replicate it with the head shift and all, at which I was (no surprise to yours truly) unsuccessful.

The thing is however, it set me thinking about the stance and weight distribution that I prefer to have, and when I got home, it struck me that there is a reason for my preference for this setup.

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It’s Official – My “Own Model” Is A Version Of Dunaway’s

Today was the first session where I didn’t start from scratch following intensive swing work following the previous session – I just took up where I left off last Thursday.

I thought I was there today, actually with so many balls smashed down the pipe, but the misses told me that there’s further work to be done to tighten up the model to where it should be.

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