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The “One Exercise” Field Testing – Success

I mentioned that I was giving the “One Exercise” to various people to test out so see if it helped their personal issues with building a fully MCS golf swing, and I am pleased say that my prediction has borne out.

Whatever the issue is, if you perform the “One Exercise” for either the back swing or down swing, you will see a very quick and dramatic increase in mechanical performance, and I can’t wait for you all who’ve reserved the coming “EMCS2 – The Follow Up” video to try it and see for yourselves.

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Another Theory Proven – I Took A Month Off…

I hadn’t swung a club at a ball in about a month when I got together with Welshman today to show him the “One Exercise” that I’ve devised for the training of just about anything you need with regards to the swing.

I’ve said that it works for both the back swing and the down swing, and with Welshman, it was his down swing and early shoulder turn that has been bedeviling him, in addition to a lateral head move which would cause him to top the ball (swing bottom moves forward and bad things happen).

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When The Hips Control The Pivot…

I want to thank everyone who has pre-ordered the “EMCS2 – The Follow Up” video.

Today is the last day it will be available to order before next month’s release, so you can still get the discount on it now or get the discount on the combo deal until midnight tonight EST!

Now, as to today’s posting, for those who are anticipating the follow-up video to “E = MCS…”

You will find (when you properly use the hips and legs) that certain things happen, such as an effortless shoulder “turn,” which is a term I don’t like use to because of the problems that image creates.

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Q: “What Is ‘Leverage?'” A: It Means Using The Lower Body…

Originally posted June 21, 2016 – But Still Very Relevant!

The question I was asked via an emailed query is very straightforward :

You constantly refer to “leverage” as the source of MCS power. No doubt you’re right. But I wish I had a clearer idea of what is being levered, what mechanical advantage is obtained thereby and how this increases clubhead speed.

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“One Drill/Exercise” To Go With “One Major Move”

I’ve got great news for those of you who’ve ordered the upcoming “EMCS – The Follow Up” video – I’ve been talking about using various drills and exercises to help solve some of the more common problems that people encounter with the golf swing and…

I believe that I have developed the one drill or exercise that will universally solve these problems!

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The Cure For “Getting Stuck” And The “Flying Foot”

I am I suppose what you call a minimalist – less is better, and simplicity is king.

With that in mind, I have been working on a cure exercise for the twin problem of “getting stuck,” usually at the 3 O’Clock position of the down swing, as well as the “flying foot” syndrome that is so prevalent today, particularly with power swingers.

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Classic Golf Swing = Full Body = Watch The Shoulder/Knee

I briefly mentioned Welshman having an “Aha” moment in his journey to building a mechanically-sound golf swing swing, and he told me something else with excitement that amazed me – not that it hadn’t occurred to me before, but that he’d noticed it at all.

I take a great many things for granted, I suppose – I figure that if I know something that has to the do with the swing, then everyone else must as well, but here’s something you may never have noticed, even though I talk all the time about a “full body” motion with the Classic Golf Swing and pivot action.

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Golf-Specific Swing Training

I said at the outset of the new video project that it isn’t a new “swing” video, because I really cannot further simplify the swing model contained therein.

In fact, barring a re-shoot of the same video “E = MCS,” I am finished with videos on the swing – each video I’ve made over the years always had new concepts and sometimes an adjustment to the model here or there, but the last swing video is the last swing video.

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Can You See The Swing Point Here?

I wish all of Wax Nation in the U.S. a safe weekend, and I know some of you are in Texas – first, I hope you’re not anywhere near the flooding and hurricane/tropical storm damage and if you are, stay secure!

It is counter-intuitive to think, if you’re not used to the concept, that you swing from something other than your arms, but that is reality.

The arms are the only links to the club, of course, but they arms are swinging from the shoulders, and the mid-point of the shoulders is really the point around which the swing turns.

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Here Is Some “String Theory” For You

The first time I heard or saw this was when the late Mike Dunaway came out with his last video, and although I never watched it, you don’t have to have watched it to grasp the theory.

I have made reference to the stable swing point being like balanced car tires – they will turn purely around the axis but if they’re off-balanced, you’ll get vibration something fierce when you go above a certain speed.

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