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You Won’t Believe How Easy These Swings Look…

I don’t myself, and I’m the one in the video!

These swings are from Monday, when I went to the range to get in some swing work and to focus on that “One Major Move” with the right arm and side.

I wasn’t swinging all-out, probably in the low-170 mph range with the regular driver (I had the radar out to keep an eye on the speed), but when I got home to look at the video, I was scratching my head.

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“3 O’Clock To 9 O’Clock” Is The Power Zone

Everything about the MCS swing model, being mechanically-correct, points to one thing, over and over – efficient power & speed production using your own body’s mass and leverage rather than muscle power when swinging the club.

There’s a point in the “E = MCS” swing video in which I talk about what happens after the “Drop” in the “Drop & Pop,” which is the down swing to and through impact, and let me show you all something here.

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Why The MCS Golf Swing IS “The Simplest Golf Swing Ever”

I’ve compiled some iron swings taken a couple of months back when I was producing the “E = MCS” video, because of course, the video is about how to swing, not a showcase for my own swing.

There are of course some of my swings in the video for demo purposes, but the place to really look at the MCS Golf Swing rather than learn how to swing this way, is here on the blog, where people can watch swing clips until their eyes fall out, if they wish.

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“One Major Move, Drop… And Pop…”

OK, I mentioned yesterday how, if you grasp the concept of the “Pressure Plate” transfer on the back swing and down swing, the pivot literally powers itself using the hips and legs.

I’ve got a couple of worm’s-eye view swings I recorded but didn’t use for the “E = MCS” video – basically, I was looking at getting a bunch of cool angles to view a swing, including overhead with a drone (which was kiboshed by the golf range, due to liability issues)…

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Modern Golf Swing = NO Natural Leverage

targettom and David D. both sent me links to an article on Golf WRX regarding the golf swing and the back.

It’s written by Jim Alberry and asks, “If Your Golf Swing Hurting Your Back, Or Is Your Back Hurting Your Golf Swing?

He makes an excellent points regarding the lack of hip turn in many swings, but as to the title question, I’d answer the following:

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One Kettle Bell – So Many Proofs!

I’ve got a segment in the upcoming “E = MCS” video that proves, with just one thing (a 20lb or 9kg kettle bell), so many things about MCS and why the analysts on TV, for the most part, don’t know what they’re talking about.

I’ve said before that the “flying foot” that gets so much praise on the telecasts is something that the analysts either don’t know is wrong, or that they know it’s wrong and are being incredibly dishonest in praising it as a power move.

I mean, it sounds harsh, but is there another option when someone is praising something that is mechanically-incorrect?

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Why The Stable Head Really Works

Other than the universally proven fact in all types of sports that a stable head or position improves accuracy and precision where they are needed (would you rather throw a ball at a target while standing still or on the back of a moving truck?).

Below you’ll see a gif. of some positions that jumped out at me while I was making stills for the upcoming video, and remember that these are static pictures of me in motion, and are not positions that I’ve tried to “hit.”

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How To Swing “Hard” With Stability – Position

It’s become all too clear to me, while working on this latest video project “E = MCS,” that the fundamental key most people are missing in their swing is of proper positioning.

Even great swingers and players can have a better position from which to begin the back swing, and you see weekly on television the results of improper positioning (and of course, motion, when it comes to the modern golf swing models in use).

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Driver – 187 MPH Ball Speed Today

I slipped out to the range today for an hour to hit some balls, to see how things would go after having practiced my setup procedure for a few days.

I had just gone out to get some exercise and make some full swings, but I predicted late last winter that I’d be increasing my numbers with the tighter pivot that I had worked on.

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I Tried The New Concept – And Broke My Driver… (Updated)

**Update At Bottom

I’m a little miffed about it as well, considering I just had it re-gripped a couple of weeks back, but that’s life.

I had gone to the range to see how close my established address position was to what it should be for an optimal impact, and the Welshman was there for a few moments before he had to depart on business.

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