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The New MCS Golf Swing Model Is An Old Model (Mike Dunaway)

dunaway 386I mentioned earlier in the season that I had decided to completely re-build the MCS Golf Swing, using only my acquired knowledge of leverage & mechanics principles instead of trying to re-create other swingers’ actions.

For example, the MCS Classic Golf Swing is modeled on having observed the commonalities of the greatest swingers of tournament golf, which generated a basic model of classic swing without the idiosyncrasies of the swingers themselves.

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The Tragedy of Modern Long Driving (Shambolic Championship & Techniques)

berkshireThose of you who’ve read my postings over the years know that I don’t ever say outrageous things for clicks or views – I simply state my opinion on something, take it or leave it.

My opinion is that long drive and golf swing techniques have regressed and today’s competitors would be absolutely pummeled by the quality of long drivers generations past.

The swings were, to put it mildly, nauseating with their flaws.

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What Makes It Rewarding – A Letter About The MCS Classic Swing Model (And Some About Mike Austin/Dunaway)

mcs setup concept2Before I shard a snippet of an email I received yesterday, I’ll say that I’ve written before about the rewards of having made this golf swing theory journey which began back in the summer of 2005 and is ongoing.

The irony is that I began it for my own benefit, because I couldn’t figure out how to swing a golf club in the modern age due to the fact that the Modern Golf Swing of any variation is not a mechanically-sound nor close to optimal golf swing model.

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Re-Building The Golf Swing – Ended Up With Mike Dunaway

In the past, I’ve always looked at golf swing models that already existed, like Mike Austin’s swing model or the Classic Golf Swings of various legends, and tried to determine first, if they were viable models and second, if they were “optimal,” lastly if there was something to improve upon them.

I did exactly that with the Classic Golf Swing, taking the most successful Classic swingers & building a model based on the commonalities (stance, pivot action, etc) of these players.

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I’m Only Interested In One Model – Optimal

dunaway impactThis is all personal opinion, so feel free to disregard this posting as idle musing if you wish.

I have very little interest in a model just because of a name attached to it.  

All I care about it is, mechanical-correctness & how effective it is in producing leverage, speed & thus power.

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Shift & Post Golf Swing (Not Perfect, But Not Bad)

4 impI wrote earlier about the lack of hip shift in some of Mike Dunaway’s swings we’ve seen in his Mike Austin collaborations, so I decided to see how much if any actual hip shift I got myself performing the shift-and-post move.

I’ll say this – it is very difficult to make immediate swing changes as most of you who’ve really dedicated yourselves to improving your swing, but I was able to make a passable impression of a pivot where my head had to shift.

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The MCS Videos Are No More – Time To Update

video emcsI want to thank everyone who supported the blog & the MCS cause with their download purchases for the MCS Classic Golf Swing video series.

I had them up for a “limited time” but it’s been over 2 months since I put them back up for sale at the discounted price, because I wished to make sure everyone had the chance to get them.

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More Fun With Mike Dunaway (Peace River Video Pivot)

dunaway pr top-impI have been going through my Mike Dunaway library and once again, instead of taking the word of the participants at face value, I decided to take a closer look at hiss pivot in the Peace River video.

I wanted to see how it compares to the “compound pivot” or “shift & post” or “shift & tilt” (shift hips, tilt spine) action that that is the staple of the Mike Austin school of swing.

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Here’s a Shocker – Mike Dunaway Gained Fame With A Classic Swing & Floating Pivot

mike dunaway address-topThe thing I like to do is to conduct research rather than listen to fable, fairy tales and stories about legends, if legends exist.

I did it with Ben Hogan back in 2014, when I noticed something about Hogan that everyone in the golf industry said was happening that definitely wasn’t.

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Moe Norman – 1994 PGA Conference

moeI remember 2 videos that really affected me early in my golfing life.  It was the spring & summer of 1998 & I was working at the Driving Range & Instruction Academy at Royal Woodbine Golf Club.

It was my second season taking golf seriously – in the spring ’97, I got very enthused about golf after Tiger Woods’ ’97 Masters win (I went out and bought a season membership at my local range, got some lessons and shot 80 that summer).

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