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Use The Hips & Legs + Gravity For Leverage

If you watch a mechanically-correct golf down swing, you will see how the hips & legs provide the leverage for most of the action.

When you really get it right, you’ll have the added benefit of gravity to maximize club head speed with efficient effort.

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Rotation Is The Enemy Of Gravity

If you’re wondering why it’s so difficult to properly apply gravity in your down swing, then it’s likely because you’re interfering with it due to rotation, which is the true enemy of the so-called “gravity drop.”

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A Very Good Point On The “Drop” & “Lag”

I got a very good question from Terry yesterday in the previous posting, where he asked:

DJ, when you say,

” And this (the right elbow having dropped to the hip) is the point where the energy you’ve stored in your right arm and the cocked wrists will release the club down into and through impact.”

Are you actively holding the angle and dropping the rear shoulder into position? Or are you starting the release from the top ie Nicklaus ” you cant release the club to early as long as you are moving into your left side.”

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