More Musings – New Model Turbo Boosts The “Drop & Pop?”

One of the visuals or “feels” that has survived the MCS Classic Golf Swing era for me is the “Drop & Pop.”

Of course, this makes perfect sense as the optimal golf swing would have zero impeding factors in helping the club face get to the bottom of the golf swing arc.

In this regard then, by starting over from scratch and reverse-engineering this latest model from impact back to the setup, I have removed my own personal impediments to dropping those hands and the club as quickly as possible.

As you can see below, the downswing begins with the dropping of the hands (using one here to isolate the action), followed by the “pop” of the club releasing into and through the bottom:

The quicker the drop, the greater the club speed at impact unless one interferes with the functioning of the proper kinetic chain.

So I did two things with the remodel – I optimized my address position and setup and then tackled the proper back swing pivot and initial downswing move.

Gone are the too-long leading arm, or what I call a left-dominant bias in a right-handed swing, as well as the improper top position, also caused by the left-dominant bias in a right-handed swing action.

Being naturally left-handed to eat and write but playing sports right-handed has cost me conservatively a decade in my journey, I can guarantee you, but I’ve finally got rid of that bias which colored everything I did from the stance to the grip to the swing plane, et al.

More “drop & pop” below, from the “MCS – Dropping The Hammer” swing video of years past:

And let me say right now that if you have the “E = MCS” swing video, virtually nothing has changed between that Classic Golf Swing model and how the Post-Modern Golf Swing model will function.

All that will have changed is my finding the optimal setup & action for my own golf swing.

All of the principles still apply, in fact they haven’t changed, I’ve just caught up to my own theory in producing that video with my own swing action.

Of course, demonstrating & explaining the action are the two areas in which I’ve made the personal breakthroughs – at least, knowing that I improved the explaining part will have to wait until I actually have it on video for those interested in the model.