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Day 1 Right-Dominant Leading Leverage – Irons

I am still not posting video of swings as I said previously, because the changes are so significant in the work I’m doing day to day that any video I post would be obsolete the next day.

I do have some gifs however of some iron swings to go with the Driver swings posted on Sunday, from three angles (5 Iron), and I have done some more work since then, so the next swings I show will be even closer to my vision.

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It’s All In The Pivot (5 Iron DTL Video)

dj top 5iIf you’re looking to develop power and consistency in your golf swing, especially with the irons, you want to “hit the ball with your legs.”

Trying to swing with just the upper body leaves half of your body un-involved, which doesn’t make much sense.

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MCS & The Real Moe Norman Swing (You Can Do It)

dj extended impactLet’s put aside the silly, spread-eagled Moe Norman swing model that everyone is used to seeing.

Instead, let’s take a look at Moe¬†when he was creating the “Pipeline Moe” legend, which would have been when he was winning 2 Canadian Amateur titles in a row and playing at the Masters (back then, U.S. and Canadian Am champs were invited), and making his short-lived appearance on the PGA Tour.

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