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Here’s Some Natural Leverage (Video)

As I was getting video to analyze in yesterday’s session, I noticed something that was happening due to the increase of natural leverage I was generating due to the setup and mechanics changes.

Already mentioned was that I felt so little effort on the actual swings once I got to the top and transferred my weight back to the leading foot – you could really now call it what I coined as the “leading foot stomp” back in the early 2010’s to describe the transition.

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My Left Hip Pt II – Searching Maximum Leverage

Continuing yesterday’s post, I realized yesterday while doing my swing work that my lower left back and back hip area muscles were sore this week in a way I’ve not experienced before.

I thought it was just muscles realigning and being forced to work differently because I was wearing my therapeutic S.I. Belt which was stabilizing my loose left sacroiliac joint, thereby easing load from and transferring load to muscles that had become accustomed to the joint instability.

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My Left Hip Is Killing Me – Why That’s A Good Thing

It’s all about leverage and the change I made to my setup a few days ago.

I’ll start by talking about something that seems to be completely random and having nothing to do with the golf swing modeling – I began to experience pain in my left sacroiliac joint a few years ago.

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