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Sean Foley Strikes Again – Si Woo Kim Back Injury (Updated)

Updated At Bottom – Worse Than I Thought

I was looking at Si Woo Kim’s swing this past weekend after he won the Players Championship, and while I thought his swing looked a lot better than Tiger Woods’ ever did under Sean Foley (update – WRONG, I just hadn’t seen the face-on angle) – the Foley Curse has reared its head again.

Now, you may ask yourself, how on earth does a 21 year old hurt his back swinging a 13 oz golf club?

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(Updated) Tiger Woods & Fred Couples “What Ifs?”

Update: If you don’t think it’s obvious Tiger Woods’ career is done, here’s an update from a new GolfDigest online posting on Tiger’s real condition, without the SSM, or “Steinberg Spin Machine.”

In the piece by Sam Weinman, we now get the news that TW was nowhere near game shape at any time, because you can see it plainly in this description of his two attempts to practice for the Masters.

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The Schizophrenia Of Modern Golf Philosophy

instruction-2014-12-inar02-justin-rose-driverIt gets to the point, if you’re looking at and evaluating the Modern Golf Swing proponents and how they train and swing, you begin to wonder if you’ve gone through the looking glass without knowing it.

I find the lack of any concrete and fixed philosophy in modern swinging to be maddening (although some would say it wasn’t the golf, but that’s another story), because there really is no set theory to the modern golf swing except “Keep That Leading Heel Nailed Down!”

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On Kinesiology (Why Things Work And Don’t Work)

tiger-woods-acl-reconstructive-surgeryOriginally posted September 17, 2015 – Re-Posted as this goes great with yesterday’s posting

The main problem people have with golf swings is that they don’t realize that kinesiology is more than just the study of human motion.

If you look at the actual definition of kinesiology, say from the wikipedia version of the word, you’ll see that kinesiology actually involves much more than the basic (mechanical) motion.

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Justin Rose – Herniated Disk? Hint: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG…

justin-roseNot to be forgotten in the news of Jason Day taking 2 or more months off to rehab a torn back ligament, news that Justin Rose is out for the time being with a herniated disk in his back.

Now, I know this likely strikes some as telling people that the sun rises in the East, but to the Modern Golf Swing industry, this may shock you – if your swing model is leaving players with herniated disks – you’re doing it wrong…

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Tiger Woods’ Downfall – Chasing Voodoo Biomechanics

foley-tigerNote: Originally Posted September 22, 2015 – and it’s pretty well clear now that Tiger is d.o.ne.


I made mention yesterday of how Tiger Woods’ major winning ways basically came to a screeching halt when he left Hank Haney (although he was already in some trouble with his shifting address bias with HH) and embraced what I call the “Voodoo Biomechanics” of another coach.

Essentially, this is how I define something as “voodoo” anything – if you can’t find it anywhere but in the place it’s being sold, then there’s a strong chance it is voodoo.

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Hey Tiger – Guess What Foley’s Students Are Doing…

rose addrDear Tiger Woods,

I know you likely won’t ever read this Open Letter, but I would still love it if someone close to you showed you the following things, since you left Sean Foley’s camp a little over 18 months ago.

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Before Modern Swing Guys Jump The Bandwagon

mcs2.0I’m certainly not the one who’s going to let all of the Modern Golf Swing guys either slink into ignominious anonymity or jump onto the Classic Golf Swing bandwagon as if they were always on board.

I have a long memory, and I remember the lonely struggle of trying to stop people from swinging in the modern style, and the hubris of swing coaches like Sean Foley when they first hit the scene.

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Remember Chamblee vs Foley? (Hint: Foley Loses)

brandel-tigerRemember all of the drama a couple of years back when Brandel Chamblee, former PGA Tour player and winner, (how many PGA Tour events has Foley played in, BTW) who now does analysis and color on the Golf Channel, was saying that Tiger Woods needed to leave Sean Foley before he wrecked himself?

Hmm… kind of sounds very similar to the points I was making since 2010, when TW and Foley first hooked up together.

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Why MY Center-Biased Swing Didn’t Kill Me (Video)

drv seq 2009Here is a clip of two swings from the golf course back in September of 2009.

I had decided that summer to focus on the playing aspect of the swing rather than just the swing model motion, so I didn’t do any range work whatsoever that year.

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