Mickelson: Wrap The Modern Swing In a Back Brace

phil-mickelsonThanks to Pat G. for sending me the link.

Wow, I’m loving this from Phil Mickelson!

I just mentioned in this morning’s earlier posting that Phil Mickelson, the second in career majors among active players (if you count Tiger Woods as “active,” which is a stretch, but whatever), is a classic golf swing adherent.

And he couldn’t have said it better if he tried, in this from GolfDigest online:

“You can play golf for a lifetime and injury-free if you swing the club like Bobby Jones did, like Ernest Jones used to teach — where it’s a swinging motion rather than a violent movement,” Mickelson said from Augusta.

“A lot of the young guys get hurt as they create this violent, connected movement, and I don’t believe that’s the proper way to swing the golf club.”

Mickelson said his freer move… is why he’s been able to play relatively injury-free into his mid-40s, and he worries about a generation of young players copying the aggressive lashes they see on tour telecasts.


Phil mentions this all at 6:00 in this video clip, as well.

So, leave that Modern Golf Swing in a back brace, as Phil quips…

12 thoughts on “Mickelson: Wrap The Modern Swing In a Back Brace

    1. D Watts Post author

      I used it at Summit II to reinforce my points on mechanical-correctness in the stance and setup.

  1. Chief Cowpie

    The book is a must for all my disciples.

    Good stuff too in the book how the erect back posture not healthy as shown by Adam Scot and Charlie Schwartzel.He also shows the picture of when Tiger was dominant in the midst of his 4 major run and later when he struggled. Probably the only time I will go against mom’s advice as she never liked to see me slouch.

    Also like the idea of keeping the chin back. It got me finishing very quickly in the classic DJ Watts or Jack Nicklaus position of falling back.

    Also Byron’s wisdom of “You can never stand to close to the ball.” Don’t know how that fits into the MCS matrix but I had a tendency for driver and woods to be too far back.

  2. peterallenby2013

    The tide cannot turn fast enough. I watched the drivve, pitch, putt competition that culminates with contestant kids on the great stage of Augusta National and was amazed to see so many kids torquing like Justin Rose or Jason Day – modern adherents all over the place, it seemed…NOT the way to teach kids! or anyone for that matter…I cringer every time Jason Day coild and boils on the tee. One of these times he is simply going to explode into a million bits of verterbrae and viscera!!

    And as the tide turns, I cannot wait to see how these modern teachers spin their way into classic swing technique! He who must not br named who hails from Canada and used to “teach” Tiger should be fun to observe..By the time the tide has turned, he will be a leading advoate of the Foly Calssic Swing!!! Guaranteed. Put money on it…

  3. Ken Joersz

    I agree with Peter’s post above. Many of these teachers will expose themselves as the shameless, self-promoters that they are. The real teachers in the professional simply love the game of golf and want players to enjoy it as much and as long as possible.

    I have met and observed many of these famous instructors and the only ones that ever impressed me were “old school” instructors. They had big hearts and small egos. You can still find some of these instructors around but they won’t be writing much for golf magazines. They’re too busy helping others and growing the game.

    Anyway, that’s my rant for today. It’s time to get back to reading Waxgolf and Anatomy of Greatness. Plus picking Big Toilet’s brain.

  4. Mike Divot

    There have been some threads on Gofwrx these last couple of weeks, about Chamblee, and restricting your hips, and lifting your heel.

    Three kinds of responses. Guys who say “I tried doing this (not restricting hips, lifting heel) and wow, the results are cool. And my back loves me for it.”

    Then guys who say “you know, I used to swing like that years ago but got talked into this modern stuff, but I never hit it any better, sometimes worse, and now I’ve gone back to my old classic way, and I’m hitting it better than in years, and my back pain has gone away.”

    Then you get the guys who say “no, you’ve got it wrong. The emperor REALLY IS wearing clothes. It’s just that YOU can’t see them.”

    It’s pretty funny. There was also a thread about Jason Day and his back. Same bunch saying, “well you can’t know for sure it is his swing doing that. This healthy and fit 25 year old young man’s chronic back pain could be caused by SOMETHING ELSE.”

    1. Mike Divot

      Also forgot to say there is also a thread about Spieth and his awesome swing. Wow, so much to admire and try to copy. LOL!

      (To be fair, some recognize it as more like a collection of compensations than a swing.)

    2. D Watts Post author

      Sure, and Tiger’s back problems didn’t arise from his swing at the time and cumulatively over the preceding years – it was jumping back into the bunker! Yeah, that’s the ticket…

  5. bigtoilet

    If there are threads about how great Spieths swing are, then it just goes to show the absolute insanity and stupidity of people who think they know the golf swing. I guarantee you there won’t be a “Swing like Jordan Spieth” golf school, with frame by frame on how to copy him, on golf academy walls. People will be breaking ankles!

  6. buddhabob

    was appalled watching rory and jordan today. such tentative and lousy golf play imo. Highlights the deficiencies of the snappy,cute, short modern swing. These guys were literally all over the course. Speith particularly seems never to be in the fairway. Nicklaus and the greats would have eaten these guys for breakfast and then asked where the real competition was come tee off time.

    How you can hit the ball short like Jordan and still end up consistently blocking your driver at every turn especially under pressure? How can the idiot coaches who teach this garbage argue that its a more precise approach to the game?

    Its an abomination, besides the reality that it is ruining young bodies. I just cannot watch Speith anymore period. He has to be about the most boring,slow and cerebral golfer I have ever seen. He has an absolutely great putting address and putting discipline, this I give him. But to expect on every single hole to be bailed out by your putter is not what the putter was designed for, sorry. Hogan would have nothing but disdain and mild contempt for Speith.

    all this is said with the exception that it is plainly true, Augusta protects itself by fashioning minature golf type greens as hard as concrete and as chancey to manuever on as a tilted casino table. Its just too extreme. It makes the players so tentative, so frightened by the possibility of making a snowman on an otherwise routine par 4. It feels gimicky and ridiculous and it ends up being anti climactic, I dont want to see the winner of a major garbage his way around a course and salvage a win based in how many scrambles and 1 putts and 8 foot sliding par putts he makes.

    1. D Watts Post author

      It was a nauseating ride. And one I’m not eager to repeat. I may have to find something else to do this afternoon, because this garbage golf is not enjoyable in the least.

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