A Near Miss @ Farmers Qualifer

20160111_082548Well, the bad news is that BT’s round of 73 at Bear Creek G.C. in Murietta C.A. was three strokes shy of Brian Smock (former PGA Tour player), who snagged the single spot to the PGA Tour Farmer’s Insurance Open.

The good news?

Lots of that. While I discuss, there are some pics of BT warming up this morning before I turned my phone off for the round.

This was BT’s first tournament event of the year, and the 73, you can compare to the average score of 79.44.

By the way, I knew he was going to hit it great today because he was striping it on the range, and chipped in a couple of times on the practice green.


Also, Jerry led the field in scoring on the par 3’s, scoring two of his 3 birdies on the way to an average 2.5 score per hole.

He also was 2nd in front 9 scoring (our second or  back nine, having begun on the 10th)  at -1, behind Smock’s -2.


Two of his 4 bogeys came in the form of 3-putts from long range, but his shot of the day was a 6 iron on the 197 yard 12th hole (our 3rd) to 3 feet.

As well, he brilliantly chipped in for par on the 1st hole (the 10th for us), after his chip from off the green came up short uphill and was still in the long grass.


He hit a couple of bombs, one for bird, another for par, and those are the highlights and lows of the round.

Jerry played his way solidly around the course, never really got into big trouble and so eliminated any chance of big numbers.

It was a privilege to caddy for him in a PGA Tour qualifier, and considering he didn’t fire me on the spot, if he ever asks me to do it again, I have told him that I will be there.


Now, I have some Rolling Rock beer to drink with him as we watch the Alabama – Clemson football tilt (Clemson is undefeated so far this season) before turning in.

I’ll be heading to LAX in the morning to end this journey that kicked off 2016 in style – Jerry is close, he was very close today to earning that first ticket to the big show, and he is going to get it soon.

To Wax Nation – this year has begun and will continue in a year of years I’m sure, upon which to look back, and I wish you all a good evening.

I’ll be posting tomorrow night upon my return home, and of course there will be lots of pics, video and stories to share in the coming days when I am seated comfortably at my home office computer and not pecking away on this accursed laptop.

Nothing against laptops, I just don’t like using them, personally.

Now, Let’s Watch Some College Football!


Goodnight Wax Nation!



14 thoughts on “A Near Miss @ Farmers Qualifer

  1. bigtoilet

    I best comment on DJ’s maiden caddy voyage. He was very good! Kept me focused, read putts better than I would have thought (at a course he’d seen only one time before), and he kept up, put up, and shut up….LOL!!

    Sorry there are no pics of DJ carrying the bag, but he looked good. Until next time, DJ……we did good today.

    1. D Watts Post author

      And the reason there are no pics of me today is that today was Jerry’s day.

      It wasn’t the DJ show, and I made sure to keep a low profile and only to speak when spoken to, other than to keep him focused on his shot preparation and setup before each swing.

      Thanks to BT for the great time, it was over before I knew it!

      And my hat is off to Fluff and the Caddy brotherhood – carrying a bag around for 18 holes during a tournament is a taxing proposition – I need to get in better shape before the next time, lol.

      I will actually share my experience caddying in a pro tournament later, but needless to say, it was a life highlight, for sure.

  2. J.D. Landry

    Well done BT. A very solid showing for your first event of the year. Hopefully it will springboard you into a great 2016. You definitely have a sound foundation to build on going forward.

    1. bigtoilet

      The JDL!! See you in the near future (prolly this year again). The little things in the swing that get cleared up after the foundation has taken hold, makes all the difference!

  3. Laser

    “I need to get in better shape.”

    –I told ya that. But, if BT had rolled a couple of long ones a bit closer, I’m sure you could have gone the distance with him.

    Another upside of the California trip…you probably missed Peter Jacobsen doing Peter Kostis type commentary in Hawaii. On the plus side, he mentioned head stability on the backswing. Perhaps another stealth reader of your blog.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I did the 18 holes today Laser and would have carried BT on my back at the Farmers if need be.

      I actually didn’t feel it until after we’d left the course and stopped off at the Walmart for some beer…getting out of the car then, I was doing the “DK Shuffle!”

        1. D Watts Post author

          Guilty as charged…but in my dedense, even BT said it was a DK Shuffle…lol…missimg you guys already!

    1. D Watts Post author

      It was a life highlight for a guy who began blogging about the golf swing in ’07, AM! Happy birthday 😛

  4. Lance

    Great start to the year! I’m excited about getting back out to the course and range. Just let me know when the next event is and I will bust my butt to get there. SoCal and Arizona of course!

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