The Proper Release In The Golf Swing

Many people are not actually aware of what a proper “release” is in a mechanically-proper golf swing.

You can blame modern instruction and television analysts.

Most of those people are stuck in the visual of the “hold-off” release where the arms and hands continue to move as if to “push” the club through impact and to throw the club “at the target.”

This is a big power loss, as anyone who can release properly knows…

One of the below swingers is a big, big hitter, the other is a fairly short hitter for his size and physique, because the big hitter is releasing the club through impact and the other is “holding it off.”

You can also see the big hitter stable and planted into his left or leading foot.  The other… better less said…

There’s not much to explain other than the club should be releasing at the swing bottom, and not “at the target.”

That means the force is directed downward and the club head naturally passes the hands at the swing bottom – this shouldn’t be a revelation to anyone who has had a golf lesson, yet here we are.

Iron Byron Releases

iron byron


If you watch the Iron Byron releasing in slo-mo, you’ll see that same action in a proper release, that being in one Tony Finau’s swing.

finau release

This is why it’s laughable what the analyst and instructor says about Tony’s release at 0:59 in the clip (“you might say a little bit ‘flippy’ into the ball…”) after saying at 0:26 that Tony “really releases the power into it…”

Make up your mind, sir.  Is it a proper release or a flip?

NO, that’s not a flip, that’s a proper release action, which is why Finau drives the ball a country mile. You don’t do that by “flipping.”