Tom Weiskopf’s Awesome MCS Type Swing

If you’ve never looked closely at the great recently departed Tom Weiskopf’s golf swing, or haven’t in a while, you’ll be very pleased to look at it.

In fact, other than one nit-pick, I would be hard-pressed to find anything in this man’s swing action or setup.

Keeping in mind that the setup with the persimmon driver would usually have more resembled that of fairway wood (the sequence below looks to be a long iron), you won’t find anything in his setup to critique.

As for the swing, superb – the only thing I would have suggested would have been to release the trailing foot to avoid that Reverse-C finish and reduce risk of injury to the ankles, knees and lower back.

Other than that… what an action, and yes, TW was known for his brilliant ball-striking.

Goes to show you that the game of golf includes the swing and ball-striking but also requires excellence in several other facets (course management, performance under pressure, short game and putting), because if it were the swing alone, many more people would know the names George Knudson and Tom Weiskopf.

Truly a timeless and classic swing action that would put 95% or more of today’s Tour players to absolute shame.

3 thoughts on “Tom Weiskopf’s Awesome MCS Type Swing

  1. peterallenby2013

    Tom Weiskopf was a very competitive golfer. I watched him at a tournament at a club in the Washington, DC area. He hit an approach shot out of the rough that landed short – and into the rough just short of a greenside trap. He wasn’t pleased and when his slash out of the rough went a few years he loosed a volley of expletives that would’ve impressed any pro athlete in any sport accompanying a smooth burying of the offending wedge about a foot into the rough ground. He pulled the club out of the ground and apologized to the gallery and continued on. He was a stylish dresser and his swing was smooooth!

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Funny you mention that story, PA – my first ever story reading about Weiskopf in an 80’s edition of either Golf Digest or Magazine, was told by someone in whose group TW had played in a pro am.

      Sadly, the article was scathing, something along the lines of TW berating or being aggressively rude to the ams and even complaining about how one of their putting ball marks (a new silver coin like a dime or quarter) was too shiny and hurt his eyes… that last part I remember clearly.

      Sometimes our heroes don’t measure up.

      Great swing however! RIP TW

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