Golf Fitness? Please Don’t Try This

Again, I am reacting to the Tweet and do not know or care who the person posting it is.

I’m sure he is not the only one doing this, so let’s just look at the content, shall we?

I see some questionable stuff online when it comes to Modern Golf Swing instruction, but I really have to tell you, whether or not you believe in the MCS Golf Swing principles or are just passing through.

I’ll show you a Tweet showing 4 different things, and except for the 4th one with is simply a weight-lifting exercise, I would advise against the other three, and here’s why.

First, the Tweet:

For those of you who don’t do Twit, here’s a gif. of the actual video:

Frame 1: Unless you are trying to seriously injure your lower back, please don’t do this.  You should never use force to turn the shoulders against the hips:

The spine is not designed to twist more than a few degrees in either direction.  Nothing good will come of forcing the back to twist more than it is naturally designed to.

This drill frightens me, thinking people will actually do it. I don’t throw around condemnation much, but this Borders.Upon.Malpractice.

If you think that’s harsh, remember that the spinal column shelters within it your spinal cord, of which you will only be given one

Frame 2: Ask yourself, “Am I swinging down at a ball on the ground/tree in front of me, or am I trying to throw a discus two-handed?” 

If you’re going to do something like this, more effective to do this:

Because nothing you do after impact is going to affect what you did from the top down to impact.  Useless.

Frame 3: What in the world is this footwork? Next…

Frame 4: Knock yourself out.

4 thoughts on “Golf Fitness? Please Don’t Try This

  1. Mark

    Training for the hammer throw would do my golf swing more good than whatever this guy is up to. #3 looks like he’s just trying to be silly.😕

      1. Jared

        I actually recognize the drill he is doing in #3 and it is actually pretty legit. Check out dr. kwon golf on you tube, he’s the originator of this drill. He’s a professor at a women’s college in texas and works with a lot of different people on their swings – tempo, motion, etc. He goes through the drills in detail on the Be Better Golf youtube channel. He gets into a lot of detail on leverage in the golf swing using motion capture, actually showing the levers and forces to show golfers where/why they are losing distance.

        1. DJ Watts Post author

          I don’t see a problem with any swinging drill, Jared.

          But if Mr Kwon approves of jumping off the front foot and leaning into the finish like that, I’d be surprised.

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