Jack Nicklaus’ Power – Watch The Weight Shift

I’ve broken that long iron swing of Jack Nicklaus’ from yesterday’s post down into the 2 separate components of the back pivot (loading the trebuchet) and the down swing weight shift (leveraging the trebuchet).

This weekend, you’ll be able to watch all you want of today’s pro players contorting themselves trying to generate power from every wrong way, and you can compare them to Nicklaus’ weight shift leveraging his power effortlessly.

First, Nicklaus loaded the trebuchet with the floating pivot backswing (watch how absolutely still that head is on the pivot move to the top, and that little head move when he gets to the top is the product of an imperfect setup, ever so slightly):

From that top position, everything is locked and loaded with the leading side connected to the leading arm, so that when the left hip and leg shift back over the leading foot, you get that kinetic chain pulling the lead arm, hands and club down into impact:

That is why is looks so effortless – because it is, taking no more effort than that required to shift one’s weight from over the trailing foot back to the leading foot.

By the time you’ve completed that shift, you’ve already come through the bottom and that ball is gone.

Just as with Dunaway’s effortless leveraging – watch that left hip move back to the left from his top position, and everything follows.

And that is how you leverage a golf club.