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Remember My Momentus Power Driver?

I hadn’t done this before, but I was shocked by what I found when I researched the standard weight of the Momentus Power Driver to compare it to the standard modern driver.

What I found was that it wasn’t just the head that weighs more – the entire Momentus driver has a mass of – are you ready for this? – 500 grams, which is actually more than one pound of weight!

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MCS Theory – Same Technique For Power & Speed

If you need any convincing that the technique for producing speed in the swing is the same for power, then have a look at two swings I have made recently with different drivers.

The swing on the left was with the Momentus Power Driver swing, so of course the technique for this swing would have to be one that provides power and leverage to move the much heavier club than a standard one.

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I’ve Tightened Up My Swing With The Momentus

As I’ve said, I love swinging the Momentus Power Driver because it helps me tighten up my swing beyond what I’ve been able to do with the SwingRite clicker.

The SwingRite, I use to groove the rough motion with speed, and then I switch to the Momentus and try to duplicate the action using leverage, which helps me tighten my position and mechanical action.

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MCS = Natural Leverage (Momentus Power Driver Swings)

I have reached mid-150 mph in ball speed swinging the Momentus Power Driver, which compared to the PGA Tour average ball speed of 165 mph, shows just what leverage alone can do for your golf swing.

I would wager that, since I only began swinging it in the past couple of weeks, I could reach the mid-160’s with it, which would completely destroy the modern golf swing’s claim to being the way to generate power and leverage, wouldn’t you think?

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More MCS Proof – Momentus Heavy Driver

I took the Momentus Heavy Driver to the range yesterday to begin proving that the Modern Golf Swing bunk about “using the ground” for power is exactly that, bunk, as well as to disprove that golf swings today have to be¬†different because of the lighter equipment.

If that were true, I’d have to use a different swing for a regular driver, a long driver and yet a third swing action for the Momentus Heavy Driver, correct?

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