Nice To See A Classic Golf Swing Online (Michael Block’s Son)

I came across this GolfDigestOnline article about Michael Block’s son who at eighteen years of age is swinging with a Classic Golf Swing and generating some serious speed with it.

Now, I wouldn’t exactly call it a “playing swing” in which he generates 132.7 mph club impact speed with a 3-wood, but even when he dials it down to a controllable action, he’s likely in the mid-to-high 120s mph with a driver, which is still fabulous considering Cameron Champ leads the PGA Tour at around 128 mph average club impact speed.

He’s apparently a pretty decent player as well, as Alex Myers (the article’s author) examines his driver speed and playing ability:

Even faster at 133.9 and ball speed nearly touching 200! Good lord, the dude can absolutely bomb it. And, yes, he and 16-year-old brother Ethan, can put up great scores as well.

Dylan and a buddy qualified for this year’s USGA Amateur Four-Ball Championship, and the high school senior cruised through U.S. Open local qualifying with a 68 earlier this month. The cameras better be there when he goes up against dad!

Here’s the 3-wood swing:

And the driver swing, again not a playing swing but plenty of power left after he trims it for the course:

Athletically-speaking, a wonderful swing full of freedom and not much impediment there – let’s hope his dad continues the process of letting his son develop into a player with that Classic Golf Swing action.

Good stuff there.

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