Ryan Winther Just Increased His Odds

???????????So, Ryan Winther Emailed Me…

The funny thing is that he is (in just my opinion, and I don’t want to jinx the guy) a huge favorite anyways going into October’s Remax Long Drive Championship.

He’s setting club, ball and carry distance records almost daily, for crying out loud, and he likely really only has to stay healthy and remember where the competition is being held to take another title.

But Mr. Winther is not just taking it for granted.

Someone passed him along a word that I’d written a few thoughts on his swing, and when he read it, he figured “Why not?” and tried something out.

Aside: Let me say something right now – for a World Champion at anything to read something in an obscure little blog and to think about it and see if it made sense?

That impresses me more than anything he does later, because it’s his open mind and receptiveness to other opinions that will allow him, I believe, to get faster, deeper and all through maintaining his strength and fitness and perfecting his technique.  OK, on with the posting…

On Monday, out of the blue, I got an email from him saying that he’d tried a little change that I suggested, and in his words, he was killing it:

“Someone sent me a link to a story you wrote about me… I had a shoot today with Golf Channel and while I was at the range… the flared foot thing like hogan that you recommended I do.. I killed it!”

When I picked my jaw off my keyboard (I know, I do theory, and I would expect that this change would do that, but how does a guy like that get even longer?), I emailed him back.

He’s been doing some shoot for Golf Channel, but he took the time to shoot a quick clip of the new swing for me to look at.

I just got the video clip from him and all I’m going to show (for now) are four sequence shots of him before and through impact.


I asked him today on a hunch after I got the video clip and looked at the sequence, was he hitting it any straighter, by chance?

In his words:

“Much straighter! And faster”

This is the thing.  I would have been happy if he just said “straighter.”  You don’t even have to get any longer, if you can put 5 or 6 balls in the grid every time, you’re going to win a lot more comps, and your longest ball will likely be one that would have hooked or pulled out.

But if he’s saying “faster” as well, then he made the proper change and like I said to him, even a little faster rotation will give you more speed.

So, good and good

You all know who I’m rooting for.  I can’t wait for October to come!  And for the guys competing in this year’s Remax – I’m sorry, but this year’s Ryan Winther is going to be a better model than last year’s.  Scary thought, no?