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Modeling Work Going Well, Time For A Test

As I said last week, I’m working on my own golf swing model at the present, a model in which I am discarding any rules or principles presented by other swingers.

I’m just asking myself, “Based upon what you now know about mechanics, what would you say now is the best way in which to swing a golf club from a speed, accuracy and repeatability standpoint?”

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Now I Know Why I Loved This Version Of My Swing (July ’18)

I would say that the last year in which I did a lot of ball-striking and swing work would have been 2017 – after that, I would just go to the range once or twice a week, if that, to see if I could optimize the swing model I presented in the 2017 video “E = MCS.”

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After Careful Review Pt. 2

The thing about this new setup I’m exploring is that, as I’ve said in Pt 1, it’s neither the standard Classic Golf Swing setup I laid out in the “E = MCS” video, nor is it the setup that Mike Dunaway used for his swing model, nor is it even the way I was personally setting up for the Dunaway-inspired Post-Modern Swing model.

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After Careful Review Of The Classic Golf Swing…

I’ve decided to do something completely outside the box for my next foray to the Tracer Golf launch monitor site.

What might that be, one may ask?

Let me tell you – taking everything I’ve learned from personal experience and also from watching the mechanics of the greatest swingers ever, I’m dropping everything in my Continue reading

After My Shoulder Adjustment, I’m Back To This Jack Nicklaus Setup

You’ll remember how I have said that Jack Nicklaus had a nearly optimal Classic Golf Swing at a time in his early years, and now that I’ve made the shoulder fix in my setup, I’m right back where I adjusted his stance.

The proper setup for the optimal action in the Classic Golf Swing, which would mean that it would be the setup in the MCS Classic Golf Swing, would be Nicklaus’ adjusted stance.

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I Have A Hunch & If Correct, All Of My Posts Will Go Away

Not every post, because those analyzing or discussing other golfers’ swings have nothing wrong with them in light of my personal journey and discoveries the past few weeks and days.

But those posts about my personal swing model quest – if I’m correct about my hunch, they are all obsolete and will go away.

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Squared Foot-Line, Squared Shoulders – Never Been Here

First off – I have never lost faith in my MCS Classic Golf Swing model, which is virtually the same now as it was in 2017 – I always knew that there was something I was getting wrong, and I refused to give up.

For years I’ve felt tempted to just throw in the towel, but I am stubborn if I am anything, and dogged pursuit of a goal is not new to me.

If I could only figure out what I was getting wrong, I felt, I’d prove this model was everything I say it is with regards to optimal golf swinging.

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Incredible Discovery Pt 2

In the last posting, I discussed the shocking revelation I had today that what I thought was square was still not square, just not as open.

So what happened when I discovered this?

Well, the first thing was that I switched over the MCS Classic Golf Swing setup and began to swing that way to see how things would change with the new shoulder focus and setup, because this model is old hat to me.

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Incredible Discovery Today On Setup Pt 1

I will discuss other parts of today’s Tracer Golf session in the next posting, but this is huge.

I’ve said before at stages of my swing research that up to that point, I hadn’t ever put a decent swing on a golf ball due to impediments I put in my own path, but this really takes the cake, friends.

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The Simplest Swing Action (But Likely Harder To Explain)

If you’re wondering why I’ve been working so long and seemingly without progress on my new swing model, it’s because it’s the simplest action one can make with a mechanically-correct swing model that maximizes both power and accuracy combined.

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