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The Cure For “Getting Stuck” And The “Flying Foot”

I am I suppose what you call a minimalist – less is better, and simplicity is king.

With that in mind, I have been working on a cure exercise for the twin problem of “getting stuck,” usually at the 3 O’Clock position of the down swing, as well as the “flying foot” syndrome that is so prevalent today, particularly with power swingers.

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How To Train & Practice In Sports

Note: Thanks to everyone who has placed their Advance Orders for the upcoming video!

If you haven’t come from an athletic background, you’ll likely be surprised to find out something to which I alluded¬†earlier, and if you happen to have an athletic background – you’ve probably forgotten what I’m about to discuss.

That is, when you’re involved in a particular sport, you don’t practice and train to improve by playing that sport as if in competition.

It’s that simple.

It’s also the main reason for the upcoming “EMCS – The Follow Up” video – not just to discuss and solve common swing problems that people have, but to present drills and concepts to aid in getting that swing MCS’d.

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