George Knudson – A Model of MCS

I’d like to thank M.L. for emailing me the link to the George Knudson swing highlights that I’ve never seen before.

The quality is amazing and I immediately could see so much more clearly just how MCS his swing was.

Personal Note: I had the opportunity to speak with his widow for a few minutes in 2006 when she made a service call into the company at which I was working at the time. I also met their son Paul who is a PGA instructor, when he was teaching at a range facility a few minutes’ drive from where I lived and where I would hit balls from time to time.

Knudson had one of the most beautiful swings, technically, that you will ever see in the Classic Golf Swing model.

His motion had many principles in tune with the MCS Classic Golf Swing model of course, because the MCS CGS model was nothing more than a model of the greatest Classic swingers with the idiosyncrasies removed (Nicklaus’ flying elbow, Hogan’s angled stance and flat plane, etc.).

Other than the strong lateral action on his down swing move, there is nothing you’d even want to change about Knudson’s swing, it was so lacking in idiosyncratic components.

Even his stance – pure MCS with the erect posture, lack of “squat” in the legs (I might have suggested a tad less left leg flex at address, but that is really getting nit-picky), relaxed upper spine and shoulders, the kicked-in right knee at address:

I would bet you that no one taught Knudson the kicked-in leg at setup, just as no one taught it to me.

If you have a modicum of athletic intuition and like to play around with things while figuring them out (I wanted nothing to do with golf instructors who were all teaching the Modern swing, so I had to go it alone), you’ll eventually land on it as I did by ’06 or ’07 after beginning my golf swing research in ’05.

I would wager Knudson did exactly that when learning to play golf as a youth.

Athletically, there is no other way to stand over a ball, and I’ve explained this in the past and will again in any future videos.

Just a pure, pure Classic Golf swing, about whom Nicklaus once remarked, “Knudson had a million-dollar swing and a ten-cent putter.”

Had he been a better putter, he’d have bagged a handful of majors in his PGA Tour career (best finish was a 2nd place in the Masters).

Here is the video, please enjoy!