One Of My Favourite Swing Clips (2018)

Shot on July 20th, 2018 – I’d give this swing a C+ grade, as I have since fixed the grip (it wasn’t standard neutral here) and of course I’ve done yeoman’s work in optimizing my stance, back pivot and downswing.

I was chagrined at the time that I was only able to shoot video that day at 30 fps – my up-to-400 fps camera had broken and I hadn’t yet sprung for an iPhone to make the need of a camera obsolete going forward.

Still, you can hear the speed and power in the Instagram clip I posted back then:

What I like particularly about this swing is that I am swinging as what I describe a machine would swing – there is absolutely no lateral motion here, just pure pivoting using the Ben Hogan-inspired “Perfect Pivot” action in the Classic Golf Swing style that allows one to simply pivot back and swing down and through without trying to actually hit the ball.

If you look at the footwork, there is no instability in the leading foot through impact to the finish and I am swinging at around 120 mph club impact speed here.

Lots of good mechanical stuff here even though I’m marking it harshly based upon the work I’ve done in the 3 years since.

If I’ve done the work correctly, that sliding rear foot at impact to finish will have disappeared and I’ll have the flat-footed impact (trailing heel will only come up at or a fraction post-impact) with the step-around finish.

Down The Line

Looking down the line, I have tightened my setup and should have a much more recessed club and hand position halfway down, with the trailing heel firmly on the ground compared to here:

All in all, not a bad swing and certainly a 300-plus yards driving distance swing action, but this swing should be put to shame with any luck come the spring.

The hands will be lower at the top and that little premature hip turn (leading to the sliding foot through impact) that was necessitated by less-than-optimal setup will disappear as well.

That will mean a pretty good boost in leverage from the top down.

Looking forward to comparing the future swing to the past swing!

2 thoughts on “One Of My Favourite Swing Clips (2018)

  1. Jason Adams

    I can’t wait, DJ! My hard drive was wiped out, and I lost all of your great videos. Now I’m not upset. A fresh start! JJ

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Welcome back, JA! And you’re correct – a fresh start and I’m aiming at my next video blowing anything I’ve done previously. Stay tuned!

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