Bryson Is Waaaaay Off – 14 Years Off

I don’t know if anyone has seen this clip of Bryson DeChambeau on the range working out after missing the cut.

I have to say, if the stuff below is what he’s working on, it’s no wonder he missed the cut and he’s way off.

I mean, way off.

Like, trying things I was trying in my 3rd year of swing research, which I could only do with actual range work about 6 months of the year due to winters off…

When I saw this, I didn’t even say, “Hmm, that looks familiar…”

I said, “Holy cow, how long ago was I swinging and practicing ballet at the same time?”

It was September of 2008, to be exact:

I’ll tell you another thing as well, which has to do with why you’re only seeing this much of my swing – it was so bad, I can’t even put it up here on the blog or I’d die of embarrassment.

It was so left-loaded, like a Classic Golf Swing version of the Stack & Tilt move, and go watch Bryson’s swing again with an eye to his weight balance and distribution.

And even here, I wasn’t spinning on my lead heel like a top.

Not to mention, at the start of the clip, Bryson is practicing that old “hold-off the release” move and then proceeds at 00:14 to make two more motions with a release action.

So, how to you hold off and release at the same time?

I’m confused.

Methinks the young man is going backwards in his search for swing excellence.

Way back.

Good grief.


4 thoughts on “Bryson Is Waaaaay Off – 14 Years Off

  1. Mr. McJohn

    Bryson has little clue. I wonder if he should hire a physical therapist to accompany him on the range? He’s got his nutritionist, probably a mental coach, so why not? He’s gonna be needing someone to help him walk onto the first tee without spraining a neck vertabrae. He needs an extended team of individuals. Maybe that’s it, OR he needs to fix his swing. 😀

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      I’m not one to make grandiose claims, but I’ve seen how hard BDC works, how diligently he applies himself to a task. Give me Bryson DeChambeau and he’d not only drive half the greens on the Tour, he’d have a good shot at winning the World Long Drive – all without turning a hair.

      You can’t teach desire and determination – give me someone like him with the talent he has, he’d shock the world.

      As it stands, I’m just waiting for him to blow something out and end his career. It’s a shame.

  2. FAS

    I thought the golf swing is just 2 turns and a swish. Joking aside I do think some of these pros get themselves in a twist trying to sort themselves out. Are you going to watch the Canadian open this week?

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      To be honest, FAS, probably not. I find televised golf dreary and they play so slowly, it’s not for me. The mechanics analysis is rubbish and all of the Modern Golf Swing bunk turns my stomach.

      Not to mention, I have refused to watch the Canadian Open after the Tour moved it to the week following the Open Championship. It’s been moved on the schedule but not before I made my peace with not watching it.

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