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Busted – “Flying Foot” & “Using The Ground” Analysis Debunked On Air

I think it was Gary Koch, and I wish I had been recording yesterday’s Rd. 4 of the Players Championship when Danny Lee found water on the short par four 12th hole.

Basically, Lee hit it left into the water guarding the green, had to drop and made bogey on the hole that measured only 299 yards from the tee box.

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Consider The Preposterous Notion of “Using The Ground” Memes

This is a two-dimensional thought experiment for people who want to insist that a golfer’s front foot or both feet leaving the ground somehow constitutes this notion of “using the ground” when swinging a golf club.

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Claude Harmon III & “Using The Ground…” Oh Boy

We’ve all been amused and confused by the continuing litany of this new concept in Modern Golf Swing instruction called “using the ground,” and this is installment X of “What On Earth Does That Mean?!?!?”

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Killing The “Using The Ground” Myth – Project 2018 & The Flat-Footed Impact

Thanks to WAX Nation and everyone who has already reserved your Advance copy of the upcoming “Project 2018” video!

Here’s just a tidbit of some of the real yummy things we’re going to be exploring in “Project 2018,” which is still as yet un-named.

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More Modern Swing Stuff… The “Snead Squat”

I have been hearing for years upon years that to swing with power, you want to “emulate Sam Snead’ssquat,'” whatever that is supposed to mean.

I still hear it on TV and read it online.

I can show you below that the the half-way down position in just about any swing, good or bad, has the “squat” aspect to it, and it has nothing to do with Sam Snead.

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“Using The Ground” They Just Can’t Help Themselves

Let me begin this post by stating that I love Wes Patterson’s long drive swing action, and I’m in no way criticizing him here.

He not only eliminated the #1 Ranked swinger (Maurice Allen) the day before in the Round of 32, he’s got the classic lifting heel pivot, the awesome right-tilting spine at impact with the head behind the right knee, and a flawless left side position.

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